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Monday, March 30, 2009

This Guy Again

Perhaps I'm being unfair, but if you remember the long winded breakdown from last week, you'll have fun deciphering the following update from the same guy regarding the same project.
For kicks, I had gone to his website, and I still can't figure out how this guy thinks he's going to make money off this endeavor. If anyone knows, please explain it to me.


Thank you for your Breakdown Express submission. We apologize for not responding to you personally but unfortunately the overwhelming response to our website production would not allow for an immediate individual reply. Read carefully the information below outlining the roles, program, and website objectives.

We’re building a website (currently in beta production phase)… just for selected actors, models, and other entertainers to entertain and display their talents. On this site you’re paid when you’re published and we produce any necessary footage you need to be successful; at no cost to you. We encourage and assist you in making it an interesting production. Every time someone opens your photo by clicking on it you’re credited for that; much like a commercial campaign where the number of times the commercial runs an accumulative cash disbursement is made to you monthly. We intend to publish those that have performed well in their short segments, 2-3 minutes in length. There is no nudity or intimacy involved, and very little profanity allowed. However, you must be 19 years of age or older to participate.

The preliminary submissions required… for actors are photos and demo reels or scheduling an audition to perform a live monologue after submitting their approved head and body shots in cases where a demo reel is not available. For models submissions consist of five to eight good photos (head and body shots). We need this information to be submitted to us electronically and directly; we do appreciate your patience and cooperation in helping us achieve that objective. Because we work with several casting agencies that do a great job for us and we require casting approvals from Colleagues, Partners, and in some cases Sponsors managing submissions is an almost impossible task without centralizing the workload. If you are in receipt of this letter we have been able to establish interest in your work, but you will need to send the materials to us directly in order for us to make final approvals. That can easily be done. Go to the website: Yousendit.com (it’s free and safe) and simply follow the instructions. Send your submissions (large or small files) to the email address x@xxxxxxxx.com.

Final submissions (after completing the task of preliminary submissions)… for the final virtual audition consist of submitting a video recorded monologue for actors and a video recorded modeling shoot for models. Those models that do not have video and actors that do not have a video recorded monologue must produce those items or schedule them to be shot by our production team prior to the final selection process; at no cost to them. These items will not only be used in making final selections but may also constitute their first published materials on the site. The items must also be forwarded to us directly and electronically using the instructions outlined above unless of course, we shot them. When selected the produced portfolios and videos will be published for models, and the monologues, demos, and photos will be published for actors. From those actors who participate in the final virtual auditions 20 women and 10 men will be selected for our scripted roles. These individuals will be paid $400/day for shooting 2-3 minute scripted monologues. An equal number of male and female models will be casted in video scenes designed by us and paid at the same rate. For those who are not selected for scripted monologues or in reference to models designed scenes; Very little is lost. You just may be very strong in your own personal monologue or have a very well done modeling video in the can. One that is frankly very difficult for our production staff and script writer to match you up with their work and keep you as competitive. In those cases you will be made an equal offer to publish using your submitted work with all the same benefits.

The way the program works is very simple… when someone clicks on your picture (Agents, Casting Directors, or general audience members) they will see you perform your monologue, view videos, demos, or view your portfolio. We record the number of clicks to your assets and pay you based on the number of clicks you have received. When people watch you perform or view your portfolio you’re paid. You may also receive additional revenues from our commercial sponsors who recognize the amount of traffic to your assets and post ads within your presentations. You have to do a good job as an actor on your monologue and as a model in your video and portfolio. This will ensure that you are published on the site and more importantly gain the audiences’ attention and maintain it over a period of time; you’re always welcome to upload new approved footage that we shoot or your favorite stuff to keep your fan-base interested. We’re only accepting a limited number of participants to ensure that those on our site are good performers, active on the web, and our audience will be entertained. It’s our job to ensure that you have a good video or monologue shoot and that our audience and sponsors are only exposed to models and actors that have done a great job. It’s also our job to promote you and the site. And explore other venues in which to publish our programming (TV, Video, and/or Pay TV). We do have a script for a TV version but our sponsors demand numbers here first, so here the war will be waged. When we successfully enter those markets you will be paid a percentage of those revenues as well, but for now focus on the project at hand.

Sorry, we will not be posting links to other pages on our site… That would not be good for you as a participant. If individuals left our page to view other things you have done by linking to those pages you currently have on the web they would do so and you would not be paid for it; that work is available for free. The smart thing we encourage you to do is link other things (route traffic) to your page on our site. You will then increase your traffic here and be paid when your assets are viewed. Some of you presently receive a substantial amount of exposure and enquiry on the web; we pay you for that exposure and place you among others that attract an audience which will further increase your visibility.

To contact you after viewing your data… individuals must place a bid and you will then assess whether the highest bidder or other bidders share your interest before accepting a meeting or audition. This is also a net working site; it will cost individuals to contact you and you will also be paid when they do. To know more about that aspect of the program visit our information site at xxxxxxxxxx.com (use the drop-down tap marked “Entertainers Net Working” to navigate). Not everyone will elect to participate in the bidding process, but it is available to participants if they wish to allow for contact and build relationships in the industry.

To convey your commitment, ask questions, setup an interview, or arrange for a shooting date contact; the Casting Director, X at: x@xxxxxxxx.com. Please no phone calls; we are overwhelmed but answer all of our emails.

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