"The label you give yourself cannot impact external forces that are not motivated by your own psychology or influenced by a third party's pre-existing consciousness of you. We are all presented with reasons to struggle which come from completely external forces; to pretend that one is not struggling is either arrogance or an admission of defeat. To admit that one is struggling is a sign and a source of strength." - Evan A. Baker

Monday, June 27, 2011

Post Wrap Blues

When I'm on an amazing and fun project where I get to laugh a lot, there's usually a sort of mild funk I get into after I wrap. There's a ton of questions swirling in my next morning's cup of coffee: Will I ever have that much fun again? Would those people want to work with me again? When will I get my next job?!?

We wrapped last night on Home At Last, after 6 days of shooting, at an episode a day. And the director and 1st AD got us out of there early for most of the week. THAT is pretty amazing. It was an incredibly efficient crew, a fun cast to work with, and if you want to know how small the world really is, our DP was in my brother's high school class! Crazy!

And the week flew by. It really, really did. That's what happens when you get your face licked 18 times, I guess. It all becomes a blur.

But I'm not able to rest on my seventh day now, uh uh. I have a commercial audition at 10 in NoHo, a commercial callback in Santa Monica at 11:45, a recreated events show audition in Hollywood at 2 and a meeting with my theatrical reps in Beverly Hills at 3:15. I am all over the place today! And it thrills me and excites me, and with my own personal projects also keeping me busy, there's no forseeable lull in my future anytime soon.

I'm on an upswing. I feel good. I have a project in the can I'm extremely proud of (when crew members and your veteran actor co-star compliment your work, it's awesome) and can't wait to see, and know will be great because of the writing and the professionalism of the entire cast and crew. I have things to look forward to.

I also am preparing for the annual camping trip I go on, as well as the day in October I marry the love of my life in front of our familes and friends.

This is contentment. This is happiness. This is the Post Wrap Joys.

May you expereince them yourself, and often.


Monday, June 20, 2011

I Know People on TV

I'm sitting with my boo and a commercial comes on. "Hey! That girl's in my acting class!"

Then, immediately following it, is a promo for the show Leverage. "And that's one of the guy's I'll be working with on set tomorrow!"

And then, on ANOTHER commercial break is the guy I used to work with a year ago, and there's ANOTHER commercial, with someone I cast in a webseries pilot I made!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post 500

This is my 500th post. Quite the landmark, eh? When I first started this thing, it was more of a chronicle of my auditions and callbacks and how I felt they went. Truly boring! As I kept writing, I found I was more interested in helping others figure out their next step, and writing a post or two about things that really mattered to me.

Here's a post about both of those things.

In a few hours, I am going to pick up one of my best friends (growing up, I had learned on the playground that you can only have one best friend and I always hated that rule, because ranking people you love is unfair. I have several best friends whom I love equally and wholly. You should too! :) Sarah and I have known each other since we were 15. FIFTEEN! So that's [hack, cough!] Ten Whole Years! A Decade! She lives up in Lafeyette and I miss her terribly, but whenever we see each other, it's like no time has passed. She's brilliant, compassionate, gorgeous, and a human being I am so happy to know and love. Whenever I can get her and my other BFF, Gloria, together, it's a fun time, because they are practically the same person, and yet so different. They're two people who make me think, "Why on Earth do they love me so much?!" but I have to squash that negative thought, embrace it, and just hope that I am always the friend they need me to be too.

My last post, Peaks and Valleys, hit home for another BFF, Phoenix.  Even though we artists may have a ton of things going on in our immediate future, it still doesn't seem like enough. And it hurts our hearts, and turns our blood into lead, weighing us down until we can't feel anymore. It's hard. An artist without feeling, without letting herself feel emotions, can't create. But, like the seasons, we have to understand that this happens every year. Leaves fall, it gets colder, and all the cute animals hibernate. But a few months later, everything blooms. Know this happens, prepare for it, and in this day and age, create your own content. Find other things in life that give you joy that isn't acting, and go forth. And like a phoenix, you'll rise again, stronger than before. Keep heart.

For all of you out there wanting to get a Casting Director's opinion of the acting world but can't afford to attend a seminar, Billy DaMota is doing one for FREE. If you don't know him, you are losing out. He champions for our rights and is extremely generous with his time and connections.
FREE SEMINAR/Q+A with Billy DaMota! Saturday and Sunday, July 23 + 24 - 1pm to 4pm at TheCastingDirector.com -see website for address and directions. Attendance is limited so you must RSVP to facebook@castboy.com with your name, tel # and day you'd like to attend.

Format will be similar to The Actors Network guest evenings. Q+A and discussion. So bring your questions and let's make this a habit!
Also, I found this, and think it's a good mantra to have. I printed mine out and am going to frame it in my office. 

I am also obsessed with a song. It's two years old or so, but I've never been hip to the music scene. I just discovered it. Have a listen: 
If you're like me, you're probably wondered what the heck that high pitched voice is saying. Well, Gloria figured it out! They're sampling a song in Gaelic (which is why it doesn't make any sense) that translates to "Oh, my little boat." But that's not fun, is it? So instead, imagine the high pitched singing is actually:
Please Unicorn, Please Unicorn, Please Unicorn, Eat Taco With Me!
Fun right?
And now that you're probably at the same part of the song that I was at when I was dancing by myself (cause sometimes, ya just gotta dance!) only to be surprised that my fiance was filming me. Of course I ham it up.

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peaks and Valleys

The life of a creative is a constant roller coaster. One month you're at the top, looking at the entire city and marveling at how it all works out. The next, you're at the bottom and you can't get an audition to save your life and you're being jerked around and the restraints are really starting to hurt your boobs.

Last month, I was definitely feeling restrained. And a lot of it felt like it was my fault and no one's fault all at the same time. The few auditions I did have, I was put on avail, so I'm doing good work, only to be released because I didn't do the best work. And I was beginning to get depressed. The mouse who has been on the wheel for ten full minutes at a breakneck speed only to realize she's still in the exact dang spot.

The life of a creative is kind of like that. Spinning to nowhere, sometimes, but at least you're spinning.

What should you do?

Make More Friends AND Nurture The Friends You Have.

Find out what they're doing, how you can help. Everybody has an idea in this town, and if you're currently running in the wheel to nowhere, see if you can't stop for a second, gather your bearings, and find out where your other friends are. Cause they might just be at the front of the line at the roller coaster and want you to ride with them.

There's a girl in my acting class I've always liked, but wanted to know more about. Made a frozen yogurt date with her and when I told her that I want to see her one woman show that she's writing (her second, btw), she looked at me and said, "You should write one!"

I've always wanted to. Thought about it for a while. I felt that I needed someone to help guide me, help mentor me, answer my questions.

Guess who now has an incredibly excited and supportive new mentor?

I also met another girl who is normally in the Monday class but came in on Tuesday and we talked for a bit after class. I felt like I already knew her. We made a lunch date for the following day and spent ELEVEN hours together, talking, laughing, marveling at how we were so similar, knew the same people, felt like we've done this before. This girl, who've I only known now for ten days now, feels like I've known her my whole life. We met last week! And now we are molding and shaping a pilot and then a web series, because we like how the other one works, love how we bounce ideas off each other, know that being honest doesn't have to be brutal, and are making things happen.

I have another friend who wanted my help in writing a song parody. She came over last night, we finished 2/3 of it, saw a mutual friend in a play, came back and finished the song.

And tomorrow, I am going to the table read of the web series I booked, because the projects are more likely to come when you are already busy.

Yes, it's peaks and valleys, highs and lows, and the lows can be really low, but the highs - MAN! You just need to extend your hand and you feel like you can touch a star.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Missing in Action for Good Reason

I have a fun little story to share once I have more time to write, but in the meantime, I'm happy to announce that Billy O'Leary is offering THREE Free Classes to go check him out. You don't sit and audit other people, you get up with sides you get the night before and work On Camera! You get to see exactly what you are bringing to the auditioning table.

I love him, think he's brilliant, and know you'll think the same!

Email assist@billyoleary.com and let them know which date you want:

Thurs June 9th, 10am OR
Fri June 10th, 10am OR
Tues June 14th 10am.

Please let them know I referred you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Know This for Next Pilot Season

Ever wondered what happens during Pilot Season? 

This is from 

Inside the Industry Seminar 
synopsis by Tracy Weisert