"The label you give yourself cannot impact external forces that are not motivated by your own psychology or influenced by a third party's pre-existing consciousness of you. We are all presented with reasons to struggle which come from completely external forces; to pretend that one is not struggling is either arrogance or an admission of defeat. To admit that one is struggling is a sign and a source of strength." - Evan A. Baker

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name

There were quite a few tough love commenters on my Friday post, who for one reason or another, must have felt that they were too tough and then immediately deleted their comments. I want you tough love commenters to know that what you said to me meant a lot because I know you said it out of love. [update: while writing this post I discovered that Blogger may have accidentally made comments disappear. I did not delete any of them as I feel I (and perhaps others) need to read each one.]

One tough love commenter even used his full real name, a very BRAVE thing, especially because now I know who you are and your comment bears more truth and weight than it would if you were anonymous, and I really, really appreciate that. When I went from anonymous to my real name on this blog, that was a somewhat terrifying thing to do, but allowed me to connect to my readers more. This commenter leaving me his real name felt the same; someone who leaves their real name does not hold anything back and is 100% accountable, fully honest, and feeling the need to connect to me on a personal level. He then, however, deleted his comment, [or Blogger did!] which I was very sad about, because I want to touch upon a few things he said.

I am, however, taking out the name, as he did delete his comment, so I will leave him anonymous. Here's the entire comment:
[Redacted] has left a new comment on your post "My Hurt Heart":

I may say some things that may be unpopular here; please know I mean kindness. My tiredness may make me miss my mark. First, you're a huge success by many measures and basically everyone who replied has likely said so, or should have. You've already entertained millions and you are clearly capable. Example: I just a few weeks ago pointed a friend to "Validation" and they were delighted. It was much needed delight after a rough few days. You have made progress, that is a fact that could be stipulated in court, not mere opinion. And making progress does not require you to be happy.

I too know the feelings you describe in this post. Last month I let my agent ago. Two days before that I had a call back, through that agent, for a very nice national commercial, but we weren't a good match. While  I know that letting go of the good to make room for the great is vital, and that no longer being with them is a good thing, there is temptation to panic since I'm currently unrepresented. It's tempting to buy into many people's stock views of what progress looks like. When I don't give into that temptation, it is partly because I remember I did not move to LA to have an agent.

  Please know I don't mean to be harsh, and also please allow for any rough edges in my words to be forgiven as the late hour at which I am typing here: you are so committed to struggling that you made it the name of your blog. Big bold letters. I have encountered your blog many times before and have not subscribed because of the name. The posts, your thoughts, and their value in my life can not blot out that name. I am not struggling. It may be seductive to ruminate on what I do not have that I would like to have, or that others have, or others think I should have. But I am not a struggling actor. Neither are you. This is not new age wishful thinking; we are not the title of your blog. The title is simply goals perverted into self-reproach and fear. Even though either of us could make up a long and thorough list of lack, want and disappointment, that is not who we are. Not what we are. It is not True. It is the explanation fear asks us to hide behind. The opposite list more solidly comes to mind; it so readily comes to mind that you could not help yourself from including it partly in your post.  Things like honed skills, knowledge of both craft and market, and most of all your obvious passion and joy at acting that creeps out between words and sentences, despite the title above them.

Your blog title is wrong. It is as wrong as anything in life can be wrong. It is a lie. Whether you believe it is or not. Using such a title does yourself, your readers, and me a disservice. If you feel like you are the eponym of your title, you can keep feeling that way, but don't for a moment indulge the lie that it is actual and any more than emotion.  If you want a different first name, use your own, which as far as I can tell is either a form of money or a beautiful instrument.

I hope some warmth made it into these words, and if not, I'm sorry for that and please forgive me. Hope you have great dreams tonight, and that they don't end on waking.
First off, let me thank you for taking the time to write what you did. (If only my lack of sleep could produce such beautiful prose!) And please understand that I know you mean everything you said with the best of intentions, and with love in your heart.

And please understand that I am about to say the following with the same.

please know I mean kindness.
I know you do. You have no idea how much I appreciate that, you, and the time you took to reach out to me.

I know that letting go of the good to make room for the great is vital
THIS is an excellent point that I think a lot of us Struggling Actors forget. If we don't like things that we can control the way they are, we DO have the power to change it, as you did with your representation. All too often I see friends of mine who are settling into a rut (me included!) because we accept our lot in life. But we have to let go of the good enough to make room for the great. Fantastic words.

You are so committed to struggling that you made it the name of your blog. Big bold letters. I have encountered your blog many times before and have not subscribed because of the name. The posts, your thoughts, and their value in my life can not blot out that name. 
I disagree. And I don't want to offend you, but I believe you are projecting onto me. I am an Actress, yes. I do define myself that way, but I am also Struggling. For the most part, I am an Unemployed Actress. But the words Struggling and Unemployed do not take away my talents, my hard work, my ethics, or my compassion for my fellow Struggling Actresses who are going through the same things I am, and are on this same roller coaster. Google "struggling actress" and this blog pops up. Which, in fact, is what one European Journalist did. She then contacted me and interviewed me for a video for Sky News.

I think the name is VERY important. People new to this town can Google and find me. They can Google and find a lot of information on how to get started and what to do correctly on this blog. I am very proud of that. I have taught people how to get free headshots, how to correctly write an acting resume, and how to use Actors Access to their best advantage. 

But all the negative connotation you associate with the word is yours. The word Struggling, after all, is defined as Striving to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance. Is my life path difficult? You bet your bippy. In fact, you know yourself how hard it is! Do I believe I am going to accomplish my goals? Yes, I do. And I'm here to prove to people that with enough effort and skill, We Can Do It. And people have been reading, and watching, and cheerleading me on, and supporting me when I need it. It's a huge blessing to have the following I do. Every single loyal reader is a gem to me. I am surrounded by the best, shiniest, diamonds! 

The title is simply goals perverted into self-reproach and fear.
The word Struggling, to me, is a pregnant one, about to give birth to Victory. I am sorry you do not share my sentiments. 

Things like honed skills, knowledge of both craft and market, and most of all your obvious passion and joy at acting that creeps out between words and sentences, despite the title above them.
It is part of the birthing process. :)

Your blog title is wrong. It is as wrong as anything in life can be wrong.
I agree to disagree.  And I love the point you make next because it's got a great story that sums up how I feel:

If you want a different first name, use your own, which as far as I can tell is either a form of money or a beautiful instrument. 
My father took great care in choosing my name. I am his first daughter, and he, a thoughtful man, had chosen to name me after a constellation. Maybe so that I could marvel at how small and insignificant we all or, maybe so that I would feel more connected to the world, as we all look up to the skies and marvel at the blinking lights above us, and that no matter where we are in this hemisphere, we can look up at the night sky and immediately feel at home. Maybe, as he likes to joke, he took one look at my screaming red face and thought, Yes! She's a Star!!

But the thing is, he spelled my name wrong. It should be Lyra.

Do I go around, moping at being misspelled, at people mistaking me for a currency, instead of the lovely Sky Harp I am named after? No. Because my dad still named me with all the best of intentions. I don't harp on him (pun intended; I AM my father's daughter!!) that people will see my misspelled name and therefore me as a mistake. Because I'm not. And I don't see myself that way.

I don't see The Struggling Actress blog title as a bad thing. I see it as a beautiful thing; as something I am working really hard for and will one day achieve. I have a fantastic rags to riches story to tell, but I'm still at the beginning of my tale.

I am, and with all sense of the words,  a Struggling Actress. But I am proud of that. And maybe now, you can be too.

I hope some warmth made it into these words, and if not, I'm sorry for that and please forgive me. Hope you have great dreams tonight, and that they don't end on waking.

And I wish the same for you.

Again, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your comment. I appreciate it all more than you know.

UPDATE: My friend Evan says it best and way better than I can: "The label you give yourself cannot impact external forces that are not motivated by your own psychology or influenced by a third party's pre-existing consciousness of you. We are all presented with reasons to struggle which come from completely external forces; to pretend that one is not struggling is either arrogance or an admission of defeat. To admit that one is struggling is a sign and a source of strength."

Monday, April 25, 2011


When I blog, I am usually at my computer, facing East, facing the window that gets the most sunlight at 10:30. I am listening to Pandora, and I am usually alone. If it's a Monday morning, I hear the gardeners for the building whack the weeds and blow the leaves. If it's a Monday afternoon, I hear the little boy who lives next door run to his door after school, with his mother laughing behind him. If it's Monday evening, I hear the wheels of a suitcase from the guy coming home to apartment 102.

I am alone. And yet, I am not alone.

I am surrounded by people who care. I am surrounded by over one hundred yous. I can't see you, I've never met you, and yet, you will read the words I write and you will care.

You will care.

The fact that I don't have to do anything except be myself and share my successes and my fears, and you'll still be right here, right next to me, is a type of love that is new in this digital age. It shouldn't feel real, it shouldn't feel like avatars and usernames are real people who love me, but it does. It's funny, isn't it? Through sophisticated science and technology, I can put my thoughts and feelings into words, get it translated into binary code, send it out through the cable lines, and feel a connection to people who are not in my room, not in my apartment, not in my own personal world. And yet, through blogger, can feel connected to all of you.
01001100011011110111011001100101 spells Love. Funny, right?

I felt alone last Friday. I do not feel alone now. You've been here all along. Rooting, hoping, supporting. I just couldn't see it. I can see it now.

I think every artist feels alone. What artist hasn't put up some type of show, some type of painting, some piece of their soul, only to be rewarded, praised, admired, when the artist herself can only see the mistakes, the things she would have changed if she could, the things she wants to fix. She doesn't see the same things everyone else does. She doesn't see art or success. She sees garbage and mistakes. At some point, the artist has to let go of her fears, let go of her inner critic, hear the things being said to her and just listen and accept.

I need to listen, I need to accept, and I need to be proud of everything I've achieved. This is hard. But by golly, I owe it to my invisible support system.

I owe it to you.

Can I thank you enough? Probably not verbally, probably not by writing, but I can thank you and show you my gratitude by accepting your praise, your compliments, your support, and keep on doing this.
You believe in me? You believe it's just a matter of time? Well then, I will be patient too. I will believe in me too. And I will keep on plugging away and getting closer and listen and accept that my support team believes that I can do this and believes that it will work out.

Thank you, The Skirted Wordsmith, Kerri Moseley-Hobbs, Marc, Kevin, Shay, Kate @ Manhattan Actress, Zuri, kelsey., Ophelia thinks hard, Angela, The Kid In The Front Row, ACTRESS CONFESSIONS, Cool Henderson,  Brandi Ford, and to the several people who posted anonymously. It takes a lot of time and effort to write the things you all did and I'm very thankful.

And a big thank you to this Anonymous poster who then, unfortuantely, either felt they were too harsh or embarassed by the words that they said, fearing I'd take it in the wrong way because there's some great things here. So I'm posting it:

your feelings are justifiable and not wrong.
but maybe that's the issue. not your acting skill, but your feelings that are affecting your attitude.

you've got the skill and in many cases you've got the validation from others. but here's the thing. this is a business. we're not curing cancer, we're not saving the world, we're entertaining people and selling stuff. period. sometimes we get money for it. sometimes not.

you say that's not good enough. why am i not on tv? why is it so hard to pay my rent? why am i not going out more? why can't i get in front of TV CDs?

because you can't. that's life. why is there always traffic on the 405? because there is. does it open more doors and give you more opportunities to pity yourself? does traffic move faster when you're feeling sorry than when you're not? maybe. only you can answer that.

but the two main things i came here to say are:
1. what WOULD be good enough? do you have specific measurable goals and a plan of how to get there? or are you just living life based on the kindness of others to give you a job, say something nice, offer you an opportunity. are the expectations you've set for yourself really for you? or for others to fulfill for you?
(try dallastravers.com or another career coach if you don't have a clue as to what i'm talking about)

2. quit. go ahead. please. get out of the running so that i don't have to compete with you. because, i want to book the job and it will make my job SOOO much easier if you're not there to compete with me.
(does that comment piss you off? it should.)

all of the above is said with more love than could possibly be expressed through a blog comment...
I love Paragraph 4. Why am I bemoaning the fact that I can't get in front of the casting directors I want to get in front of? BECAUSE I CAN'T. So what am I going to do to help myself? That was a question I didn't even come up with because I was in such a sorry for myself funk. I missed the obvious question that helps get everyone out of the self pity state! What am I going to do to help myself? I can't go any faster than I can on the 405 at all hours of the day, but I can take Sepulveda, I can take Coldwater Canyon, I can go to 3rd Street Promenade and just enjoy being so close to the ocean until I'm ready to go home. I can do other things to fulfill me while I'm still doing this!

And then there's Point 2 that Anonymous makes. I read it and I wasn't angry. I wasn't pissed off. Because after reading the first word, my gut reaction is, "Well, I can't quit." I won't. Then the parenthetical - did that comment piss me off? No. It didn't. Because I want you to book the job too. I want you to book the job too!

And then the last comment - so incredibly superfluous, because I knew you wrote the whole thing with love, I could feel it.

I could feel the love from EVERY commenter.

In my post, I had asked other struggling actors to tell me of their successes so I could help feel a part of something bigger than myself. Instead, the largest Cheerleading Team Ever busted out their pom poms and cheered ME on, reminding me of my own successes.

This, this is bigger than myself. This connection to the world, to all of you, is bigger than myself. And I feel it. Boy, do I feel it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Hurt Heart

Can I blame this feeling of stagnation on the holidays?

I should be happy! I just filmed a fun little video for a friend of mine who told me she sat down to write the darn thing and thought, "What would Lira say?" She wrote it for me! And it was so fun, and easy, and great, and fun, and easy and great....

I should be happy! The webseries I shot last summer is having their premiere this Sunday at a cozy little bar (that I actually know because I had shot something there a few years before). I'm going to be reunited with a cast and crew who were a blast to work with, a joy to joke around with, and a director who pretty much sat me down and said, "Listen. You are going to happen." This is the director who told me that after my first audition, he knew I was his girl and he rewrote parts of the character and script to cater to me and what I bring to the table.

I should be happy! I already booked a commercial this year! A commercial that involves a really cute concept, and had the director take both my hands after I was finished to tell me how fantastic I was. That had three separate crew members come find me to tell me how everyone thought I was so incredibly great.

But I'm not happy. I am not happy at all. I am scared. And I think my commercial class last night is the final straw of me being able to admit, I am NOT happy. I am Scared.

I am simply not working as much as I should be. And it's really starting to hurt my heart. I could always say to myself, "Self, you're not working as much as you should be, because you're not good enough yet." But I've been in a scene study class with the fantastic Billy O'Leary for a year now.  I'm really pretty good. But I do not get theatrical auditions. I just don't. And working every week on material, and getting more and more proud of the work that I'm doing (which is a feat, as I am incredibly critical of myself) but not being able to show the payoff of studying so hard to casting directors who cast television is hurting. In fact, we even had a working actor, who's a lead in a series, audit our class based on our mutual friend's recommendation, and he had told her "There's absolutely no reason why Lira shouldn't be on tv right now." And hearing that felt so wonderful! An actor who works all the time, who is bouncing between two different states to film two different shows, sees my work and thinks I'm ready to be where he is, felt fantastic. But I'm not on tv right now.

I am struggling to make rent. I am getting tired of how much energy I am putting into this Struggling Actress life and yet still, STILL can't get a job that pays me a living.

The last two auditions my commercial agency sent me out on, I got called back for both, and booked one of them. That was a month ago. I haven't gone out since.

And I had even enrolled in a commercial callback class! I dug through couch cushions, picked up pennies on the sidewalk and finally came up with enough money to take this very expensive, heavily recommended class, only to have an incredibly overworked and angry instructor make two people needlessly cry in class.

I'm tired. I'm so tired, you guys.

Maybe, just maybe I'm so close. Maybe this is the valley before I peak.

But my nerves are shot, my future feels bleak, and if I pretend it's how many strokes I played in my last game of golf, I can be proud of my credit score.

I'm sorry to bum you out. I really am. Because I know that for every me, there are 10,000 other Struggling Actors all going through the same thing. I am not alone in this. I am not the only one who feels like they've never been given a shot.

It just kinda feels like that right now.

That I'm a failure.

And if you're a Struggling Actor reading this right now, I could really use your help. Please comment about YOUR success. Please tell me that YOU are booking commercials, that YOU are booking television or new media, that YOU are starting to make some headway in this game.

Because I need to know that it does happen. That it happens all the time.

Please let me share in the joy of your successes. I'll raise my pompoms and project with all my might, "GOOOO TEAM!"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Know Your Rental and Employee Rights

Welcome to Los Angeles, Struggling Actresses! You rent a lovely apartment and wait tables, don't you? Of course you do! But do you know how much you are required to tip the dishwasher and what percentage your landlord is allowed to raise your rent? (You are NOT required to tip the dishwasher, and if you live in rent controlled Los Angeles, only 3%)

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to know your rights as both an employee and a renter.

If you are a tipped employee, you should definitely be aware of  Labor Code Section 351, which prohibits employers and their agents from sharing in or keeping any portion of a gratuity left for or given to one or more employees by a patron (ie: it is illegal for your employer to collect your tips at the end of the night for him to calculate tipping for your coworkers for you). Furthermore it is illegal for employers to make wage deductions from gratuities, or from using gratuities as direct or indirect credits against an employee’s wages. The law further states that gratuities are the sole property of the employee or employees to whom they are given. "Gratuity" is defined in the Labor Code as a tip, gratuity, or money that has been paid or given to or left for an employee by a patron of a business over and above the actual amount due for services rendered or for goods, food, drink, articles sold or served to patrons. Bookmark and understand your rights as a tipped employee.

Even if you don't read anything now, before you move out and into another apartment, know your rights and responisbilities as a tenant. Download this www.dca.ca.gov/publications/landlordbook/catenant.pdf and save it. Don't want to download a pdf from my website, no problem. Here's a list of websites for you.

This is a major city and people will take advantage of you because they assume you don't know the laws. Know them. It's your civic duty and will save you a ton of money. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

To My Fellow Actors in College

Do you get all the lead roles easily? Does your school choose the plays for next semester based on your talents? Los Angeles might be hard for you.

From BackStage:
Manager Brad Lemack, founder of Southern California's Lemack & Co. and author of "The New Business of Acting: How to Build a Career in a Changing Landscape," thinks acting schools don't teach actors how to be employable after graduation. "Where there is a significant difference between talent and skill," he says, "there is also a huge difference between being able to act and being able to get hired—as in paid—to do it."

Lemack worries that actors who graduate at the top of their class and who always landed the best roles in school will think it's going to be just as easy in the professional world. But any professional knows that starring roles in school productions do not open doors to roles in professional productions. "Students who do not embrace this reality and who demonstrate an entitlement about what they have done versus what they think they deserve can create an energy, an attitude, and a behavior that can prevent opportunity finding them," he says. "It will kill any 'it' factor that might exist."
 And I've seen it happen. Be careful. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dear Struggling Actress

My fellow blogger/actress Anita sent me the following email:

I was wondering of I could ask your opinion on the following casting call:

Auditions for Dance Machine the Movie

Looking for Actors, Dancers and Musicians for Nationwide Casting for Feature Film!

We are holding open casting for the full feature film "DanceMachine!". "Dance Machine" is being produced by Mark R. Harris whose credits, to name a few, include "Crash", "The Black Donnellys," and "Gods and Monsters." Mr. Harris has developed a reputation for being a Hollywood innovator and has decided that instead of having the talent come to Hollywood, he wants Hollywood to come to the talent. "Not only will everyone have a fair and equal opportunity to showcase their talents and possibly land a role in DanceMachine!," says Mark, "but also show the rest of the entertainment community what they can do."

We are looking for:
Dancers & Choreographers
All types, all styles. Includes Dance Machine arcade dancers.
Primary Cast - teenagers. General cast - all ages. Breakdown & Actors sides may be found here.
All types, all styles of music. Performers, Composers, Groups/Bands.
All types, all styles of art. Anime, 3-D, Animation, Pop & Modern Art.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Location: All states, United States

Payment details: Professional Pay

Applications to this casting call require:
* A phone number
* A profile photo
* A profile video

[A list of breakdowns follows.]
You have to go to their website, http://idancemachine.com/, register and then you can access sides, upload your CV, headshots, audition videos etc. It’s free and the only thing that I’m not too happy about is that your audition videos can be seen, rated, and commented on by anyone.

Would you do it, audition I mean? Or would you have earlier in your career? I just don’t know how seriously to take this and how professional and fair it is.

Hi Anita! So here's my take on those types of auditions:

They're NOT auditions. They're a promotional marketing campaign preyed upon actors so that when one actor who uploads all the stuff then has to tell all their friends and family members to vote/comment for them -  that one actor/dancer has told 100 people about it. And of those 100 people, 50 might go see the videos and vote. Which is pretty cost effective.

Their website says "All roles for DanceMachine! will be cast exclusively from talent from our iDanceMachine.com community." but just because a website says that doesn't mean they actually will. It's not smart for a film production to do that! Why would they go through thousands of videos (mostly terrible) when they could offer the role to already established talent like Vanessa Hudgens or Dianna Agron - stars who already have a huge following! THAT helps make a movie money. Unknowns with very little on set (if any) experience do not. And could cost them a ton of money due to their lack of experience and proffesionalism.

I don't for a second buy that these are real auditions. I mean, they could cast their extras in it, but even then, don't you think they'd want to go through an extras casting service filled with actors who KNOW how to do background work and are all in one spot to pull from?

It's a 3D movie. They're putting tons of money into special effects. They will hire professional, established actors and dancers repped by agencies. There's too much money going into it not to.

So, I would say you can do it to do it, but your chances of being called in are probably worse than winning the lottery. I'm not going to do it. I'd rather put the energy into filming a small scene and using it to put on my reel.

I think any actor, when it comes to these types of multi-media platforms to cast a movie needs to be very wary; no one is going to risk millions of dollars on someone who at least doesn't have a high powered agent behind them vouching for their work. Movies aren't made for art. They're made to make money. It's a business. If you're an unknown Struggling Actress, you're not going to help that movie make money. You're a risk. You have to look at it from that point of view.

And good for you, Anita, for doing your homework on it! I'd love to know what you decide on.

[UPDATE! 9/8/2011 Please see Dan Harris' response to this post here]

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Have an Odd Nerdy Sex Appeal


From http://observationnotes.blogspot.com/2011/04/observation-notes-haunting-of.html?spref=fb

Regarding performances, Lira Kellerman plays the wife, and while visually it was difficult to conceive of her as the mother of an adolescent girl, personality-wise she pulls it off well-enough and is effectively-believable as a nagging wife and mother. She weeps well, skulks better, and exudes an odd sort of sexiness, kind of like Velma from Scooby-Doo, but less-tangible, and kinda nerdier.

Best. Review. Ever.

I think I might have to make a widget with that line! Woot!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Double Your Prints, Double Your Fun!

Just got an email from the lovely folks at RockYourHeadshot.com and I wanted to share the love! (Those of you who are outside of LA - They Ship! You can still get in on this deal!)

Rock Your Headshot - Double Prints Promo
Having trouble reading? Click on the photo!
Hey guys!  Mandy here, at Rock Your Headshot.  Just wanted to let everyone know about a great promo we're doing right now... 

For orders placed on Rock Your Headshot between April 11 and April 18, we will DOUBLE your headshot print quantity.  (So if you order 50, you get 100.  If you order 250, you get 500.  Etc.)  We've never done anything like this before, so I hope everyone takes advantage.

To get your double prints, just place your order like regular on Rock Your Headshot's Custom Order Form, and under "Special Instructions," type DOUBLE PRINTS PROMO.  You'll receive twice as many prints as you order. 

Holler if you have any questions!


Friday, April 8, 2011


Do you ever sit around and waste time on your computer and gossip sites when you should be crossing off all those chores on your notepad that have been building up for the last few weeks?

In no particular order, today I must:

Do Laundry
Pick an outfit for tonight's rehearsal dinner and tomorrow's outdoor wedding. (not mine :)
Make the bed
Do the dishes
Print my response cards
Go over my invitation layout and try finalizing it
Pay some bills
Go to the post office and pick up that package
Find people who want to take a free acting class
Go over the ceremony for tomorrow morning and write reminders to project and speak slowly
update website
update the other website
figure out why Blogger won't let me change templates
email the taco cart guy with a few questions
Get off this computer and actually do that stuff!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Class!

I've just been told that the next Free Class is going to be Thursday, April 21st at 7pm!

If you have been searching for a class and not finding the one that's right for you, go to this one.

If you're working often and don't want to go to a class with people who are non-union and new to acting, go to this one.

If you don't do classes, go to this one to see how he works, and take privates with him.

If you only want to be coached when you have auditions, go to this one.

Best acting decision you'll ever make. Click the ad for details!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It Is A Small World

Every once in a while I get a lovely email from one of my readers (that'd be one of YOU guys!).

The other day, I got an email from John who recognized me in another actress's reel! He said he had been doing some research and came across her reel and checked it out, recognized me and laughed out loud. He sent me her link, and yup! There I was!

This is especially fantastic because I shot this commercial a year ago and although I've had a few friends tell me they had seen it recently, I still hadn't. I asked the actress, Trisha, if she could forward me the information of who to contact to get my own copy, but she did me one better and sent along the entire full commercial!

Also awesome - John had also seen me in the Haunting of Winchester House and said that a lot of his friends had worked for Asylum, the production company. On Haunting in particular, the sound guy Ben, was a friend of his.

How small is this world? I had worked with Ben at Cafe Tu Tu Tango a few years prior for a few years! I knew Ben very well and was very excited to see him on set!

Anyways, without further ado, here's the commercial!

How small is this world, really, you ask? The guy in the commercial is named Sean and we went to college together. The world really is tiny!