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Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a Quick Peek!

My friend Tanya is a photographer. You have seen her work on this blog because she's amazing and I love her stuff. She offered to shoot our wedding (and our engagement! and a special boudoir session!) as a gift.

We opted to do a "First Look" shot, where Anthony sees me before the ceremony. Due to time constraints, we wanted to do all our family photos before our ceremony, meaning that he will already have seen me before I walk down the aisle. I STRONGLY recommend this route. Our hair was perfect, our clothes weren't wrinkled, and I knew I was probably going to be a mess after our personal vows, so I wanted to make sure my makeup still looked good in photos. I'm vain.

Here's Anthony seeing me as his bride for the first time. We both cried. What can I say? We're total wusses. I love that he's squinting so hard in the first picture, and after the initial excitement in the third picture, the tears just leaked out. The enormity of the day hit us full force by the time the last photo was shot.

I'll have more for you later. We dropped the last of the family off at the airport today and still need a few days to settle. 

It was a great day, and I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Much love to you all!


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love how candid these are! Congratulations to you both!

  2. SO MUCH LOVE!!! May it last forever and ever and ever! xx

  3. Congratulations to you both! Welcome to the club! You both look amazing.

  4. You look beautiful and so happy -- can't wait to see more!

  5. I agree with Ophelia So much love!

  6. You are so beautiful! And such a beautiful couple! Congrats!


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