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Monday, August 2, 2010

Turn Your Hobby into Your Career

Fellow actress Tanya Giang, who I've mentioned before, is coming into her own this year. She's an actress/producer/writer/director and can now add photographer to her slashes! Hooray!

We've been trying to do a photoshoot together for a few weeks, but either it was 200 degrees outside or I was out of town. We finally connected on Sunday, and here's a few shots from that session.

Here I am smiling because my military jacket was deemed too distracting with all its white piping. I just turned it inside out! Problem solved!

I will cut you.

This is my second favorite of the shoot.

Here's my favorite!

We also did some editorial stuff:

Note the colors: My hair is the exact same shade as this abandoned recliner that happened to appear in the alleyway mid shoot, and the blue of my shirt matches the blue of the dumpster behind me. Neat!

Sexy beast in the dumpster area in the back of an apartment building.

How does one take a hat off? Im confused.

If you're interested in having your own headshots taken by a pocketsized photographer, email me and I'll forward it to her. She's only charging $50 for a four look shoot for this week only! After that, it's up to $150. Should you need hair/makeup, she has two lovely ladies to choose from with a reasonable fee. I wouldn't miss out if I were you.


  1. This is a totally non-professional opinion of course and probably sounds weird and stalkery (but it's not, I swear), but I really like your head shots.

  2. a) I already set up my appointment with Tanya

    b) Please don't cut me

    c) Do you KNOW where that chair behind the dumpster has BEEN?!

    d) cutest fedora ever.


  3. Sarah - Thanks! And you don't sound stalkery at all.

    a) Yay!
    c) not at all. but i'm a cool model. I'll do almost anything for art.
    d) it looks better on Anthony, but I swore to Tanya that I looked ridiculous with hats on and she showed me that I just can't smoosh my hair down, and have to let it kinda float on top of my poofy hair. She was right! I owe her!

  4. These pictures look great! I sent you an email already but I'd love to get Tanya's contact info. I'm on the hunt to get my own headshots soon.


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