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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Looking for Commercial Representation?

If you don't follow commagent  on Twitter, you should. It's commercial agent Mark Measures at Abrams. He noted today that:

this time of year is NOT a good time to try and find representation. I get more submissions around the holiday then any other time. Weird.
Inundated w/ the question, "when is the best time 2 seek representation?" U have a month window just after the new year ...
Before pilot season gets really busy. After pilot season is over but before they start the recasts and then from July through Oct
This is just my opinion of what I have seen work in the 23 years I have been around. I am SURE there will be some disagreement.
I will go ahead and disagree just a weensy bit because I know for a fact that Coast to Coast just signed a few more actors in their commercial department last week.

So here's what I say: Submit to your top 15 commercial agencies EVERY few months! You'll get in eventually.

Good luck!

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