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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Avail

When I had booked a KFC commercial last year, I was on Avail for days. I was still on Avail after they had started shooting. They were blowing through five commercials in five days, and when I still hadn't heard anything from my agent, I had assumed I had been released without being told.

Then, day four of their shoot, my agent called and told me I was booked and shooting the next day. Bam! Just like that.

This Avail was going to be different. When I heard the news from my agent, I was also told that, should I book it, my fitting was going to be that afternoon. I expected to know if I was booked in two hours.

So, 11am rolls by.





Still nothing.

"You need to get out of the house and do something to take your mind off it," my fiance reasoned, but I countered that straight away: I couldn't go anywhere because if I booked it, I had to jet off to a fitting immediately.

3 minutes later and I say, you're right. Let's go run a few errands. I'm pretty sure I didn't book.

2:48 I get the call. I booked it.

I booked it!!

I booked an online promo for a website that might air on tv should they choose to go that route! It's for a new website and this is part of their launch campaign! I'd tell you what it is, but I can't! Not yet.

I CAN tell you, however, that I already shot it. After my fitting on Thursday, I drove down to Long Beach to shoot it Friday morning. It's done! I already did it!

And here's a few interesting tidbits:

1) I was super proud of my wardrobe choice for this audition. Wardrobe notes on the audition sheet said "Nice casual," so I went in with a Bambie graphic tee and a 3/4 sleeve cardigan. I felt the two together was a nice juxtaposition for "quirky 20s" that really represents who I am and what I give as an actress.

I found out I was cast as the Upscale Lady. So, you know, there goes that wardrobe theory.

2) When I got to the fitting, I saw my size sheet that had my snapshot, sizes and casting's note. In big blue letters: "First Choice." I walked into that callback as the next to last person to go and blew out whoever else they had in mind. I nailed it. Am I lame that I wanted to take a picture of that?

3) Splattered mud in movie land is created by mixing various food stuffs with chocolate!

4) I had the crew laughing when I was doing my lines. I had the director practically fall out of his chair. He was so encouraging, so sweet. Even the camera operator was laughing. At the end, when I finished, I was told to hang around to record some wild lines. The director came up to me and shook my hand, telling me how great I was, what a pleasure to work with. He held my hand the entire time, which in LA, means you REALLY mean what you're saying.

When I went to Craft Services to go grab some water, another crew member met me there just to tell me how fantastic I was, how incredible.

When I went back to holding, the wardrobe assistant said how great I was. Since she's younger than me, instead of gushing thank you over and over again like I had been, I joked with her, "So what I hear you saying is that I'm the best." "That's what they're saying, yeah!"


It was a great shoot, filled with very lovely people, who kept on telling me what a pleasure I was to work with. In a commercial shoot, things need to go very, very fast, and one doesn't waste time complimenting actors to feed egos. If they took the time to say all this to me, they really meant it.

It was a very lovely Friday.

And thank YOU for continuing to read, continuing to support, and continuing to wish me well on this journey. You have no idea what you mean to me, my lovely readers. Thank you.


See what we're filming? Oh, you can't? Great! I can post this picture, then!


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! SO happy for you! You rock girl! X

  2. Congratulations, Lira! This was a delightful update to read.

  3. I'm so happy for you Lira! You help me so much with your blog, I'm not a actress or anything but I didn't like my job and I was bored and afraid to leave it espacially in this economy. Now I start a new formation, it's funny because nobody support and my all family think I'm crazy but I know I make the right choice. Thank you for everything

  4. Congratulations! Way to go, Lira!

  5. Congratulations for you! Heck yeah, First Choice. Yo should be overly joyed. Well done indeed.

  6. You rock. I am so happy for you. ::Big smiles here::

  7. Sounds like a big success indeed! I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  8. Lira, your enthusiasm is contagious. Please let us know when this commercial airs, OK?


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