"The label you give yourself cannot impact external forces that are not motivated by your own psychology or influenced by a third party's pre-existing consciousness of you. We are all presented with reasons to struggle which come from completely external forces; to pretend that one is not struggling is either arrogance or an admission of defeat. To admit that one is struggling is a sign and a source of strength." - Evan A. Baker

Friday, May 11, 2012

Upkeep on the Cheap!

Being a Struggling Actress makes it very difficult to rationalize spending a bunch of money on yourself on things you don't really need. I get a pedicure about once every two years, and I never get my nails done. I became a hair model so I could get amazing color and cuts without having to pay for them, but sometimes the between bookings looks awful. I've got roots, people!

And if you want to get a good colorist and trendy haircut, you have to go to the very expensive places.

So when I discovered Lifebooker - the online site where you can get crazy good discounts on beauty maintenance, I thought maybe it would work for me.

Yeah....I just bought my third coupon (what they call Loot) from them: a single process color for 67% off. 

So I strongly recommend you head over to Lifebooker and see if they have deals in your city. They do if you live in San Francisco, New York City, Portland, Charlotte, Boston, Miami, Toronto and several more. They'll ask you to login using facebook, but just hit the Sign Up button below it to bypass that.

I've seen coupons for laser hair removal, shellac manicures, pedicures, waxing, juice fast thingees, vitamin supplements, adult toys (hey-o!), highlights, hair cuts, blow outs, and more.

So sign up and check em out.

Have fun getting prettified at the fancy schmancy places on the cheap!


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  1. I had no idea this existed and it's life-changingly wonderful. I didn't really want to spend the $300+ dollars going single-process blonde in NYC; nice to know that I can get it done for $55 instead. THANK YOU for making my weekend complete!


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