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Monday, January 7, 2013

Take the Job

Aussie reader Rachel writes:

Hi Lira,

I've been told about a full time job opportunity. It's not an acting job - it's administration at an acting school, 1 year maternity leave position. I'm going to apply for it and decide whether or not to take it if I am successful.

I was wondering whether you had ever taken a job that was essentially inflexible? And if so, did you regret it? Did you feel the pros (money, a period of stability) could compete with the cons (not much chance of weekday auditions, etc?)

I've worked casual jobs for years and unless I absolutely have to, I'm not returning to retail or hospitality. 

If you had any thoughts I'd love to hear them.

All the best,


Hey Rachel! I'm not returning to retail or hospitality either, so I totally get where you're coming from. Part time jobs involving folding clothes and inventory, or hot plates of food and hungry customers wear down on one's soul.

You already understand that although you'll be working at an acting school, you won't be given time off for auditions. You will, however, be given one year of a stable income. Argh! the Dilemma! What to do!?

I'll tell you what to do. If you get the job, TAKE IT, with the understanding that you are NOT auditioning for the entire year. Sure, submit for everything and anything while you're working. Maybe you'll get a chance to tape yourself for the audition, but if booked, will you get the time off? Probably not. So you'll have to work on projects that only film during the weekends. Figure at least a two weekend shoot, and you're working 14 days straight. Yuck. I've done that. Not easy.

BUT HERE'S THE THING: You can still work the OTHER aspects of the actor world even though you're not auditioning. You can take singing lessons!  You can take dance classes in the evenings or weekends! You can see if ModelMayhem.com is also in Australia  (it's basically a facebook for models/actors, photographers, makeup artists so you can build your modeling portfolio).

If you get this gig, you will have a year to save your money, take fun classes, and learn how to pose like you're doing a spread in Vanity Fair.

Once the woman you're filling in for returns from Maternity Leave, you now have a nice savings account, tons of great photos, and a few extra skills. This is a win/win situation.

Good luck! I hope you get it!


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