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Friday, December 18, 2009

Color Coordi-Calendering!

I thought this week was going to be dead dead dead in the world of commercials, by my agent Jennifer is pretty much the most amazing woman in the world. I had FOUR this week. (and a print callback!)

Of note: The cellular audition and the telecommunications audition.

1) Got a last minute call for a cell phone company, can't even remember who. My dress code was "80's Mom! Big hair! Bust out that Aqua Net, ladies!"
Now, I'm under the assumption that most commercial actors auditioning with dialogue are picked for their handling of the dialogue and improv, over how they look. Especially since whatever I can pull together last minute will never compare to what would be pulled for me by set wardrobe and makeup, so I like to HINT at wardrobe. I had my hair big, I had on pink lipstick, and I had on a sweater that had princess sleeves. I saw some women there with the blue eyeshadow, the neon windbreakers, the whole bit, and all I can think is, "that must be so distracting," but what the hell do I know? I'm not a commercial casting director, and I'm not an advertising agency. I could be dead wrong on that.
aaaanyways, for the audition, I have to say that "sticky notes are perfect for what I call, color-coordi-calendering!" Did you stumble over that? Yeah, so did I. Tried to cover for it, but it's a twister.
They had me read the copy again a second way, and then again a third. The cd said, "Nice read."
I'm hoping that he really means that and that "Nice read," isn't synonymous with "That was great, thanks!" Which all actors know really means, "that SUCKED! Get out of my office! And don't wreck anything!"

2) Telecommunications audition was looking for Progressive's "Flo - but different!" oy. We were told that we would read the first side, and possibly more.  The breakdown listed that they were looking for a "Tina Fey" type. Hello! Who do I get compared a lot to? Rita Rudner! And Amy Irving! And Mary Louise Parker! And yeah, every so often, Tina Fey!

The cd was super nice, and I got the go ahead to read the second pair of sides, and I probably should've piped up at this point, saying, could I read the third one? Cause I had a little dance step improvised at the last line that would just be so awesome. But of course I didn't speak up, Argh. I gotta grow some balls, I swear. But at the end (and I was directed after each read, which is usually good) I was thanked. "Great read."
Okay, really now. Really? Cause I didn't feel all that great about it. Are you saying that to get me out of there, or do you mean it? Cause I had that one commercial audition where the guys raved and went on and on about how awesome I was, and how I was the best dressed so far (me!) and I got NO CALLBACK from that.

So yeah. I'd like to be called back for both please.  And since they're two products that conflict, could I please book the higher paying one? It would really start 2010 on a wonderful note.


  1. That Progressive chick has a name? Who knew! I DID know that whenever I see her, I always think of you. Book away!

  2. ugh im so jealous....what a lovely agent! I wish u much success in the new year!

  3. I so hear you. This week before Christmas has been the busiest week of my entire year! Craziness! Way to keep working to the last minute. It'll pay off!

  4. Cutest picture of EVER, up above. Who knew you looked smoking hot in glasses?

    Psst...commercial casting peeps have NO IDEA what they are looking for...so you are correct, look is NOT as important as kicking ass with the sides.


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