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Monday, September 20, 2010

The "BEST" Headshots

Info@actingnews.biz somehow got my email address and sent me the following:

Hey Actors!

Here are a few companies you should check out!

HEADSHOTS! Actors are saying this pictures are the best in town. 50 dollars per look with a free retouch. Take a look at this website! http://www.fiveminutephotos.com/ 

PLEASE click on the link! Oh, for the LOVE of god, please click on the link! and click on the "women".

First off, if you're going to claim randomly that a non-named group of "actors" are "saying" these photos are "the best in town," did they just move here? And why aren't you proofreading your ad?

The lighting is terrible, and why on earth did they crop all those pictures to look like mugshots? You could take a better, more flattering picture of yourself by yourself! Remember myspace? We ALL know how to take great pictures of ourselves!


File this under CRAP.

And go see my friend Tanya instead.


  1. Hey! If Tanya is ever in Wellington, I will definitely go see her. If you could let her know that she can get amazing soy lattes pretty much anywhere in town here, that might speed up the process... ^_^

  2. Yikes. Thanks but no thanks. Tanya rocked :)

  3. Um, yeah...

    At first I thought this was going to be a serious promotion of this headshot service... and then I saw the headshots. I'm not sure anyone can pull off the no/bad make-up, tan background look. Ugh, ugh, ugh.



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