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Friday, January 7, 2011

Hair Model Call!

Do you have hair? Do you want a new haircut? Do you want someone to pay YOU to cut and color your hair?

Are you at least 5'5? Do you fit a size 0-6? Are you 18+ but don't look over 30?

If you are interested in being a hair model and getting paid $160-700 for a master stylist from a major hair care company (eg: Tigi, Sassoon, L'Oreal, etc) send me your stats and a picture of your hair (cut and paste, no attachments please) and if my modeling agent is looking for someone like you who has at least 4 inches of hair, no weaves, no extensions, and are open to a new cut and color, I'll pass you along to her.

I haven't paid for a haircut since 2006. Neither should you!


  1. Why, how did you know that I have hair and that I want it to change? It's like you read my head, Lira.

    What exactly does a "picture of my hair" entail?

  2. Ah, Crystal. I forgot to mention you must also be in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area.

    Picture of your hair: a face shot showing your hair.

  3. I'm in CA now. Isn't that close enough?

  4. (Also I have secret intentions of becoming an in LA area person in the near future.)

  5. Well, if you're here in the next three weeks, we're golden!

  6. It's really nice of you to pass on that information, Lira! I'm not West Coast-based and too short, otherwise I'd totally get in on this :)

    Another option for people: check out salonapprentice.com, it's a great site for finding free and low-cost hair services. I'm in NYC and there are lots of great places for getting free blowouts and discounted color services. (I haven't yet tried the cuts). Los Angeles and Chicago do have some salons listed on this site too--but I think NYC has more.

    (they don't pay you for the service, but getting your hair done for no fee or low fee is really good too--a great way to save money!!! (As we actors need to do!!!)


  7. I thought about doing these a couple of times but it always ended up being really far away...will do one one day though!

  8. cool! i am definitely interested. how can i get you a hair shot? you can reach me at kelseylink at gmail.com

  9. Hi! I'm 18 years old and I have hair a little past bra length. I'm 5'6 (or 5'7..not sure) and weigh around 118 lbs. How do I go about sending you a picture? Can I have your email address? I'm super interested (and I live just thirty minutes away from LA)

  10. Hello! I love your blog! I myself love writing and acting, but more importantly.. I am moving to LA in May and you have blown all the butterflies out of my body :)

    Anyway, I am 5'4 1/2 (seriously I am!) and I have long brown hair. I'd love to be a hair model if the opportunity presents itself! Thanks again, for all these inspiring posts.

  11. Also, I know I look like I am 12, but I am actually 21! :)

  12. Quick question.. what if you are all of the above except your 5'2 :( I know, It's short. Is there any opportunity for us shorties with great hair??

  13. Is this still a thing!? Are you still taking offers? I mean, I'm only like three years behind... but totally interested.

  14. Do they ever look for men? Is there a maximum height restriction? 6'5.

    1. They do often need male models. No height maximum!


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