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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Feel Cool

My friend Tanya told me about Instagram. It's this great FREE app for the iPhone (Droidsters, check yours for it too) where you can take a photo and choose from FIFTEEN different filters. Like the Hipstamatic, but better because you can see what each photo will look like with each filter before committing.

I've been kinda going nuts with it:

AND you can even take photos you already have and use their filters too. I took a hair show photo form last year where the overheard fluorescent light killed the photo, making it unusable, and added a simple filter that takes off the strong highlights and gives a sepia feel to it. Now I look like a vintage movie star! 

You can also have it connect to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc or you can keep your photos private. 

It is a ton of fun!


  1. I just traded my Blackberry for an iPhone two weeks ago and love the plethora of apps available to me now. MUAHAHA!

    Hipstamatic is awesome, but I have found it kind of limiting.

    This app seems really cool though!

    By the way, did you check out some of the cool Acting-related apps on it?

  2. There are a few interesting ones. Just search "Actor" or "Actor's App" or even "Acting" and see what pops up. For $12.00 you can have Actor's Access on your phone, but that's kind of steep. There is a Producer's App as well, which seems actually very cool if you're an indie producer working on a bunch of projects. Actor Genie tells you some pretty basic tips, but also shows what's casting in LA and who's casting and the Actor's App is the same, I think (I didn't get it because it's 4.99 and I'm not on LA - although they have one for Toronto, but I have a feeling it would be pretty blank, haha). Umm...Then you have your tips and tricks and actor profile building apps, Stalking Celebrities and Filming Locations apps, Movie Trailers, Quotes, Quizzes. But yeah, unfortunately I haven't tried anything yet (except the free version of Actor Genie which is interesting because it shows you what's casting and who's directing/casting it/been locked in for a role, etc. and it's pretty big productions), otherwise I can't fully recommend any of the apps as I haven't tried them yet. I find that with apps, you have to try it out yourself to see if you'll like it (unless they are picture editing and manipulating apps that everyone loves!) I'm reluctant to spend $10.00 on an app which I'm not sure if I'll like or not. But yeah, I thought I should tell you to check them out for yourself and see if any catch your eye!

  3. Sadly I'm a droider. but for all you droid kids out there..Retro Camera is very similar. Sadly not as cool. but similar.

    To Toronto actress. I'm with ya on spending so much money on an app. Especially on something that gives you information that for the most part is readily available.


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