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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Selling Points

I'm glad you believe it to be a solid screenplay, but will anybody else?

 Again, film makers, it's a BUSINESS. You want actors to work for you? Don't tell them you're not going to have enough crew to run a production smoothly, and that those who want your art to be a commercial success so you can pay back your investors, and (gasp!) make money (as all BUSINESSES are wont to do) are evil, vain, and self-serving. It's the Producer's JOB to make sure the project will make money!

Good luck with your project. 

(8 Roles)
Non-Union Feature Film
Low-budget non-union feature horror film

NOTE: This project, a labor of love; though being done low budget is envisioned by a film-maker who is keen on making this a cult classic- secured by a foundation structured with what we believe to be a solid screenplay and a true to the film-maker's vision execution thereof. The film-maker is not beholding to any other interests- such as producers to infringe on creativity- other than the story itself.

Film-maker intends to put together the very best available skeleton crew made up of a unique group of the very best visionaries who have art and fair expression in their heart rather than only the monetary and vanity in their quests.

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  1. This is pretty common manipulation in this business - if you ask for any sort of compensation and deign to believe that your work deserves credit, recognition, and should help you pay the bills, then you are evil! And a sellout! And you're just here to be a star, you pathetic douche! We're artists, we can't be bothered with things like MONEY.

    I hate this crap. You get what you pay for. You want the very best available, the very best visionaries? Then pay them for their time.


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