"The label you give yourself cannot impact external forces that are not motivated by your own psychology or influenced by a third party's pre-existing consciousness of you. We are all presented with reasons to struggle which come from completely external forces; to pretend that one is not struggling is either arrogance or an admission of defeat. To admit that one is struggling is a sign and a source of strength." - Evan A. Baker

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Best Experience I Ever Had Whilst Naked

Struggling Actresses, have I got a deal for you.

My friend Glo once told me, "You should come with us to this Spa! $25 gets you unlimited use of their spas, their saunas, and all the amenities!" "Awesome!" I had responded. "But you have to be naked on the ladies only floor." "Uh...Okay! It's time to get rid of my body shame and get naked in Korea Town!"

And then the most relaxing, awesome, best night of my life happened.

Cause I saw a bunch of naked ladies. I even saw a bunch of their naked daughters. And I looked down at my own nakedness and thought, "My body is MY body, and it's nothing to be ashamed of!" I didn't walk from one spa to the next, oh no, I strutted.

I mean, yes, it was relaxing as all get out, and fun, and great, but seriously, seeing the naked female body in all its naked glory, you realize that whatever expectation you might have on yourself and berating yourself for not going to the gym every possible hour, for eating a cookie in class last night, all that doesn't matter. My body is my body and the "Hollywood Ideal" is unhealthy and unrealistic and I have never had problems finding someone to appreciate my body, thankyouverymuch.

So go for the hot, warm and cold tubs, go for the steamroom, go for the heated jade floor, go for the free internet and computer use, go for the rooftop terrace, go for all that, sure, but go for the other naked ladies (they have a men's only floor and co-ed floor too. If you are a couple and have a couple friends you regularly hang out with, do this!)  go for finally being able to see your body as something that is healthy and great as opposed to something you continually stress out about.

Groupon is doing a little more than half off, so the $25 spa pass is only TWELVE BUCKS! Here's the link: The Link of AWESOME!

Go with a friend. Seriously. Best time ever.


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