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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Best Crew Ever

I don't think the crew ever had more than 4 hours sleep on any given day. I really don't. And yet you could find a lot of them being very cheery and happy. JJ stands out to me on that one. He was always offering me warm water (I'm a diva and don't like cold water, and he remembered this!) but even more amazing was my Girl Crush Burchie. She probably never slept at all and yet was always calm and efficient, always hunting us down, giving us 5 minute warnings before our upcoming scene, always extremely pleasant to have around. The makeup artist and I tried to have a fun boy gossip session with her one day, but she was always getting pulled away to check into something else. (I envision her starting her own production company and being incredibly successful with it.)

And the crew doesn't just stop at the 12 hour mark. They had to set everything up to begin with and then take it all down. And last night (or rather, this morning, at 5:15am, when we wrapped) the crew had to spend the next hour and a half doing a "hard wrap," which is when EVERYTHING has to be taken away and cleared and laoded because we're changing locations.

Tempers were short yesterday. People were frustrated. Everyone was exhausted. And the 1st AD took the first step to say "This ain't cool." We finished quickly after that, becoming more of a team than we were already, and got the stuff done.

The film will be very interesting when it's all done, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. But I wanted to give a very heartfelt thanks to the crew who worked so hard and so well together. We're almost done guys. You're doing awesome. Two more days.

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  1. Almost done!!! I am so happy for you that you are doing this, it sounds so awesome. :)


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