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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Uncomfortable Underwear

Who invented Thongs!? Who thought that a strip of fabric that goes inbetween your glutes was a good idea? And is it only me who has it go into certain other places absolutely no fabric should ever venture into? I mean, yikes!!! YIKES!

I did a hair show a while back where I had to do runway, and they asked us all to wear thongs. Sigh. I had to go out and buy some. I bought three different pairs. But when you hold up these silky slingshots against you, the sizes really seem to make no sense. I found a lacy pretty thing, all scalloped edges and such, and thought, no way could I fit into this medium, or the large. Hey. XL. Hmmm.

I bought that one.

So I have a thong in XL. And let me tell you, it's the most comfortable uncomfortable underwear that I own. So much in fact, that I have been wearing it to set every day. I have to wear yoga pants in half the film, and I absolutely cannot have any VPL in 3D, so I come home at 5am, wash my makeup, take off my chonies, and then wash those in the sink and hang them on my bathroom doorknob to dry.

I never said being in movies was glamorous.

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  1. "the most comfortable uncomfortable undewear" = LOL

    PS you're on for a celebratory lemonade, girlie.


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