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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ah, Weddings

When most women are invited to participate in a bridal party, they accept graciously that they are going to have to buy a dress they will never wear again.

Not me! I LOVE bridal dresses! Because two words scream at me after I get my dress in it's plastic wrapped glory: FASHION SHOOTS!

Wearing upscale dresses on fashion shoots are riots of fun. You can do a lot of editorial shots in them. For instance, stand among the homeless in your shimmery Alfred Angelo. See? Think about what you'd be saying with that!

So yeah, fun fashion shoots are in my head that I'll probably go out and finish next month.

As for Antne's sister's wedding, oh man, everything was beautiful! It really was. So beautiful, in fact, that Antne has declared a moratorium on anything marital related. Apparently, he got really sick and tired of me saying, "hey! we could do this too!" or "Hey, wouldn't this be nice for our wedding?" So now I can't talk about it.

Did I mention his family loved me? Struggling actresses depend on other people's thoughts of them to validate their own existance. Sad, but true. I picked up enough Italian to say basic things like, "I like spaghetti!" and "He in bathroom!" and even "I want ring. Where is ring mine?" Plus, every morning, I would yell out, "BUON GIORNO!" because Italians are a loud group of people. They really are. I even explained to the 17 year old in broken Italian that "at my house, at the table, one says quietly, but at the table here, on says loudly. I like table here!" Not bad, right?


Antne told me just the other day that his family was pressuring him to buy a small promise ring for me. More for them to witness it, I guess, than for Antne to really promise anything to me. He told me that he had explained to them already that he knew I was it for him, and that he thought a promise ring would be an insult to me. And I agree. Have you seen those things? Unless you're in high school, they're an embarassment to both parties. It's like, wow! You saved up your allowance for four weeks! Our love is awesome and totally going to last, and we'll show all our stupid parents!

At any rate.

While we were gone, our beloved asthmatic mouse, Fidget, passed away to the big wheel in the sky, up there in heaven to meet the Big Cheese himself. She is missed. Our other mouse, Fatty, who seriously, is FAT, was all alone the last few days of our trip. Our friends P-Winkle and Glow called us with the news that Fidget was no more, and I felt more awful for them for having to dispose of her. But that's how you know you have good friends.
And if it wasn't for them, we probably would've guessed that Fidget was gone because Fatty ate her.

So yesterday, while I was in a production meeting, Antne took it upon hismself to add to our little family.

Twitch and Chip are extremely cute. But Twitch, like Fidget, twitches with what we guess is asthma, and Chip has a stripe down her face that makes her look like a little chipmunk. And they are very tiny. Twitch has gotten through the slats of the cage, (just like Fidget!) and has sat atop there, cleaning herself and enjoying the view. And they're brave! They hop into our hand and climb up our arms.

So if you're ever in a mood to hold cute little animals who will only poop once or twice on you, come on over!

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  1. "So if you're ever in a mood to hold cute little animals who will only poop once or twice on you, come on over!"

    Admit it. You wrote that last part just so I'd come over.


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