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Friday, May 15, 2009

Te Amo Santa Monica

In order to really gel in Santa Monica, one has to be hipper than me. I am not cool/hip enough to live there, but man, it's a beautiful town. Right on the beach! The fog rolls in every morning, sometimes staying all day, and the hippies and the hip wear their hemp anoraks and bring their lunch in a reusable tote every time they leave home. And they get their hair done at the Tony and Guy Salon, cause those people get it.

See, even if I don't get it, I can get people who do, do my hair.

When I worked a hair show a few years ago, I was picked by Tony&Guy to model their "curls rock" hair product. The coordinator told me that anytime I wanted to get my look updated, to please call her to schedule a free cut and color. Woo Hoo!

So I got up all early morning today and had them work their magic. And I look fierce! Yay!

I also have some news:
I'm going to be gone, my friends, to my guy's sister's wedding, and we will be in PA/NJ for ten incredibly days. I am trying to improve my basic, basic Italian. I actually love languages (studied French for four years, and picked up enough conversational Spanish to impress), and I found this really nifty web translator that let's you type in the phrase you want translated, translates it into the language of your choice (there's like, 27), and then translates the foreign language BACK into English, to make sure you are getting exactly what you wanted. I'm putting together a little Italian phrasebook, since his family from the old country is coming to see the nuptuals take place. (For instance, Italian cousin Beatrice is pronounced: Bee-a-tree-chay. I'm gonna need all the help I can get.) I hope to get on their good sides. I've created such gems as:

Ho un vocabolario di un bambino di due anni. (I have a vocabulary of a two year old.)

Mi piace parlare italiano! (I love speaking Italian!)

Mi รจ stato detto di non parlare di mafia (I was told not to talk about the mafia.)

Ho offendere te? (Did I offend you?)

Anthony mi ha detto che si aveva un senso dell 'umorismo. (Anthony told me you had a sense of humor.)

Si prega di non uccidermi. (Please do not kill me.)

You know, fun things to help them like me.

In other news, remember when I mentioned I was being asked to speak to a workshop about taking great headshots? I'm having a production meeting regarding that tomorrow. I've been working on my Powerpoint presentation for it the last couple of days. It sure does take a while to dredge up program commands when I haven't used the software for seven years. Even so, man! I LOVE audio/visual aids! Especially visual, cause you can't exactly hear a headshot. Unless it's screaming "Awful!"

See how tired I am? I thought that last bit was funny enough to keep in.

But yeah, I left the Tony&Guy salon looking like I lived in Santa Monica. See? It all makes sense.

good night everybody!

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  1. I live in Santa Monica! You should be my neighbor!!! We could ride our bikes to the Farmer's Market after our session of Boot Camp on the beach. Wow, the things I do sound fun.


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