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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Heart Glow

Glow is my friend. She cuts paper for a living and goes to the Oscars to work, and to the Emmys to win award certificates. She designs things.

She is amazing. I had a headshots session scheduled for yesterday, and she came over a few days prior to go over my pitiful wardrobe (18 items of which are tank tops) in order to help me pick outfits for each of the 10 characters my commercial agent wanted pictures of. When I say help, she didn't help. She directed. She picked things out that don't go together, put them together, and voila, awesome, trendy outfit! How did she DO it?! I don't know!!! I wish I did! I wish she helped me get dressed every morning! I loved being her barbie doll!

So I owe her a ton of compliments because the photographer kept saying things like, "I love this look!" "I love this character!" "Great choice!" and he got really excited about my clothes for a straight man.

At any rate, I was not excited to take new headshots. I love having my picture taken, but I was nervous about a few things: 1) the pressure of having to do 10 characters, cause geez, that's a lot. My first headshot session consisted of 72 film exposures and 2 looks. in black and white.
I also had never met this photographer before hand, which is something I tell others to ALWAYS do. AND, I was not hiring a makeup artist. I've been doing my own makeup since I was 16, and I've finally gotten pretty good at it.

My photographer, Robert Kazandjian , actually played with me for a few of the shots. And at the end of 10 looks, he wanted to play some more! He wasn't sick of me yet! So we played for a few more looks. In fact, we played for 598 shots. Awesome!

So, Thanks Glow! You made me look super pretty!!!! And thanks Rob, for catching the pretty!!!


  1. These turned out so beautifully! I especially love the last one.

  2. gorgeous!! can Glow make ME over? i love the way u come out in your headshots...u look like a true Hollywood actress in the black n white one...lovely sista...~marilyn

  3. Gorgeous!! I love the third one!!! And, your hair looks HOT!

  4. OH MY GOD HOT. Your emo-punk girl shot is freakin' awesome.

  5. Gorgeous! This looks so fun! Only 3 pics are showing for me right now...I'll have to kick the computer, and try again ;-)

  6. Those are great! You look gorgeous.


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