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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Episode 1, SHOT!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh you guys!

Episode one is shot! We did it! (And the digital camera I brought had a low battery and died. And then, the camera that Antne came over to drop off for me ALSO died. With new batteries, even. Ugh! So, no pictures. Sorry. And trust me, I'm just as upset. )

So yeah, hey. I got to work with April and Tracy, who I worked with (ahem) a few years ago in college, when the three of us decided, hey! Let's put on our own show! And we did. We wrote several pieces, cast them, produced and directed them. We were the only show in Chapman University that was sold out and had to turn people away. And we raised almost $1,000 for the Women's Transitional Living Center of Fullerton for Abused Women and Children, which, coming from poor college students, was a HUGE FEAT! So, needless to say, we enjoy and respect each other and have a lot of fun when we do get to do stuff together, which is rare. Extremely rare. But today, I got to play with them and a few newer friends and our other cast members and it was pretty great.

And it was so easy. Almost a little too easy; last night, April and I called each other because it really felt like we forgot to do something major, like, Get a Camera! But we did everything. Everything was taken care of. It was just SO easy this time. The last time April and I worked together was for a feature film where we shot all our interiors in LA and all our exteriors in AZ, requiring a whole company move, an equipment truck, an entire crew, flights for the cast members we needed, equipment, motel accommodations, etc. etc. Where if we didn't get the shot, that's it, we didn't have it; there was no turning back. But for this project, if we didn't get the shot, we'd just film it later. Find a date and redo it!

In fact, our Princess Leia lookalike only had 2 hours so we figured we'd just split her day, but because Benni, our director and Trent, our DP, and Brittany, our production designer, were so amazing, not only were we ahead of schedule and were able to get the Princess in and out with time to spare, but also shoot ALL her scenes, requiring no second day for her! AND we got another actor out in time for him to get to his CSI audition. We even had time for each member who did not have lines in the first episode to introduce themselves and improv a bit.

It was so RELAXING. So fun! We were with a bunch of creative people who enjoy being creative and just got to enjoy the whole process without stressing about losing our light, or losing our location, or losing our mind with somone's big ego overstepping boundaries.

This is super exciting! I can't wait to see our rough cut which should be done in less than three weeks(!)

I also booked a hair modeling gig at the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach this weekend, AND I have a callback for a national McDonald's commercial tomorrow. It's been one hell of an awesome week, you guys!

Oh my gosh!

(and sorry about the grammar, guys. I had 3 1/2 hour sleep and am exhausted! :)


  1. I had so much fun on that shoot, my dear. :) It was, as always, a joy to work with you and April.

    PS I STILL have something to give you. I forgot to give it to you yesterday after I left set.

  2. I can't wait to see it! Congrats to you for making it happen.

  3. So many great things are happening for you all at once!! I'm very excited to see it!

  4. Look at you go!!! I can't wait to see footage.


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