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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Have Nothing to Lose

One of my favorite things to do is email agents my materials instead of mailing them! I save myself tons of money in manila folders, copied resumes, staples, headshots, labored over cover letters and postage. It costs $1.05 to mail each submission. It's expensive. And with little to no response. 

Emailing is free. So if you don't get a response, who cares!

And you can send in the pics you haven't blown up, link to your website, your reel, your whatever the heck else you want.

Remember this guy? Well, on his agency page, he has submission policies plainly written.

After posting his letter to the industry, I sent him an email pointing out a few of my favorite things about it.

He called me in the day after I had decided against doing that industry showcase to possibly audition in front of agents who may or may not be there.

I had mentioned how awesome I thought his memo to his clients was, and he had told me that it's funny because, this small little memo he had written to his clients was reposted and reposted again and again in blogs (hee hee) and that he was even interviewed by the BBC about it, and he just wished he would've known it was going to garner such attention, because then he would have actually gone over and proof read it Ha!

I signed with him today.

And it cost me absolutely nothing.

So go ahead: If you are seeking theatrical rep, submit your materials to him online. Just don't mention me :) It's our secret.


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations that's awesome!

  2. Congrats, that is awesome. and thanks for the advice

  3. This is great. 99% of actors just don't make the call, don't write the email. You cut out all the crap just by doing the stuff.

  4. Congrats!! You are such a proactive kick ass actor!! You deserve every bit of success you get, my dear.

  5. Holy cow -- James has been my agent for the last three years. Welcome! And congratulations! He's terrific; he just got my old roommate (with zero national credits) a co-star audition for House. James is a good guy, and Premier Talent is building up a solid reputation (according to the majority of the casting directors I've taken workshops from).

    You'll do great -- I watched the G4 promos, and you were excellent in them...masterfully underplayed, and just damn funny. Glad to see that, in addition to writing well, you can actually be labeled as a "good actress" to boot. Makes it much easier to be a fan...


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