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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take Your Vitamins!

I had stayed up until 2am Wednesday morning, scheduling actors who had submitted, then slept terribly, (probably due to all my excitement) then woke up early to hear my producer's voicemail. She sounded like CRAP. She was sick.

So incredibly sick. Fever, sweats, chills, achey, but that she understood all the work I must have done to schedule everyone and swore she would make herself well to be there.

At about 2 pm, when she was still sounding terrible, I said, that's it. It's only going to take me 12 emails to let everyone know that we're moving the audition date to next week. I will NOT have you sick being miserable, when we should both be super excited about our day.

So we rescheduled Casting for next Thursday. And it's just as well. I got two calls yesterday from my comm agent that I had two auditions for today.

Already went to one for Cox, which is a service you can use to bundle your phone, internet and tv, and as I walked into the lobby, I saw a thin redhead who I immediately thought, nah, can't be her.

The other casting director for Krispy Kremes called her name. "Felicia."

OMG! It IS her!!!  The female lead in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog! And a whole slew of other things!!!

I was pretty excited. You would remember her from that weird Cheetos campaign too, where the cheetos cheetah would make regular people do weird things. Hers was the one where she's at a laundromat and some other woman cuts in front of her machine, stuffing all her whites into the dryer, and Chester says something like, "Do it, Felicia." and she puts a cheeto in the dryer. SO WEIRD. But she looked so pretty in it. I did admire her facial structure and makeup in that ad.

At any rate, she made the mistake of sitting next to me. So I whispered, "Felicia," and she looked scared until I said in a normal voice, Hi, I'm a huge fan of your work.
And she was so nice and said she was flattered, and she was so awesome about it. And she continued to talk to me! We talked about hair! She liked mine!

I got called in soon after that, but it was a nice highlight for my day. I love nice people!

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  1. I LOVE Felicia Dey.

    Love her. You can follow her on Twitter, just find her through my account. :)


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