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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tactics and Levels and Beats

Oh my!

I auditioned for a play! For a play!!

For a new work, and oh man, what an experience. I feel like there's more dissection required for plays. Especially for works that haven't premiered yet, as the playwright might not yet be done tweaking for the last time.

I mean, I haven't auditioned for a play in, gosh, 6 years! I was having a blah time back then, unhappy with how my agent wasn't getting me out so I said, eff it. I haven't auditioned in months, I'm going to find Backstage and audition for ALL the open calls! I had seven of them meticulously copied into my planner, the dates, time, addresses, what type of monologue I'd need, but it was all for naught; I was offered a lead role in the first play I auditioned for. And it was a Great experience! With complicated quick changes and, in the second act, me prancing around in lingerie and fishnets!

And where tv is so concise, plays can meander a little. It's fun to sit on my bed with my pencil, my sides, my buttercream candle filling the room with the scent of cupcakes,  (one must have rituals, you know) and find where my character is joking, find where she's sarcastic, find where she's serious, find where she's angry, find, find, find. Sleuth, sleuth, sleuth. Analyze, analyze, analyze.

And the audition went well. I'm happy.

I should audition for more of these.



  1. Congrats Lira! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

    And, speaking of plays, I'm auditioning with a new monologue where my character has to verbally attack someone and ends up going a bit batshit. How do I muster this anger and intimidation within myself?

  2. Find my email on the right sidebar in purple ink and email me your monologue so I have something to reference. I'll give you advice as soon as I can!

  3. Wow, that's great, Lira! Thanks so much for sharing! We all knew you could do it, because you're just that amazing. I like how you mentioned your rituals, I suppose we do all have them, don't we?

  4. Yay for you! If you're on a stage nearby, I am coming to witness it! It's been about the same amount of time since I've done any theatre and when I get back from wedding-ville, I am also considering submitting for theatre auditions. We act for the love of it, anyway, don't we!?

  5. sounds nice, good luck and let us know if you get a play.. i'll try to get my wife and I to drive out to see it.

  6. Plays are the reason I became an actor, and, really, the only reason I continue. I hope you find the experience as artistically fulfilling and soul-reviving as I do.

    -Jill, actor in NYC


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