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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Lord Giveth, And the Lord Taketh Away

And then Giveths some more.

What a whirlwind yesterday was!

I get to my callback for Charter Business and finally see when the shoot dates are. This weekend. Even if I book it, I can't do it because we're shooting the pitch presentation this weekend! I thought about leaving but figured, eh, whatever and stayed. 

I arrived at work a full hour earlier than I was scheduled. (Whoopsies!) So on my way to kill time at the shoe store at the end of the mall, I checked my email on my smart phone. The last couple of days, I'd been hustling on Craig's List and I noticed a familiar hair care company was looking for models. I submitted to them saying I worked with them a few years ago and would love to work with them again. In my inbox was an email saying that of course they remembered me and they wanted to book me for their show. Hooray!

I tried on fancy shoes.
This was my favorite. And cheap! Under $50! Did not purchase. Felt taking a photo would suffice. Cute, though, huh?

Then I got a call from the director of the pilot  presentation we are filming this weekend. It was being postponed. Indefinitely.


Then I get an email from my agent. It reads: You're on avail for Charter Business.

Now, being "on avail" means that you are one of the possible 3 people they have picked for the same role. They have their top choice, their second, and sometimes a third. So if you are on avail, it means you need to clear your schedule in case you book it. You Have NOT booked it yet. I was very happy to receive the news, but anxious, as dear friend JenIsBetterThanAndreaAnders has been put on avail and Released (!) seven times. Yes. SEVEN.

I call up Antne and tell him to cross all his fingers and toes that I book this. It's a non-union buyout commercial which means they get to use my likeness for up to 3 years for one flat fee (no residuals) and it's not that much money, but it's enough money for me to pay for a cheap cute pair of shoes! He says he'll even cross his tongue. "I love you," I said, "Iw wu wo woo." he replied back.

I got the call just an hour ago that my on avail status has been updated to booked.

So yes, the Lord gaveth me a hair fashion show and then the Lord tooketh away my pilot presentation, but the Lord then gaveth me a commercial instead.



  1. Way to go! Sounds like you will be getting those shoes after all!

  2. This sounds a lot like a door closing and a window opening. At least when you climb through you will be wearing cute shoes.

  3. Very, very belated congrats!! I read this on a computer that didn't allow me to leave comments...but I'm totally a bad friend for not hugging you and congratulating you sooner.

    Hugs and congrats!


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