"The label you give yourself cannot impact external forces that are not motivated by your own psychology or influenced by a third party's pre-existing consciousness of you. We are all presented with reasons to struggle which come from completely external forces; to pretend that one is not struggling is either arrogance or an admission of defeat. To admit that one is struggling is a sign and a source of strength." - Evan A. Baker

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waning and Waxing

Remember when I freaked out about possibly having to rip out hair down there for a hair up there show with bikinis on the runway? Well, crisis AVERTED!

Check out the cute bikini I got! And look how much it covers!!

It covers all the bits I was nervous about having to do terrible things to, while also covering cellulite in the back! The skirt actually comes down at the perfect point so that my legs still look muscular! Hooray!

I think my guy said it best: For a swimsuit, it's pretty conservative, but for an outfit, it's perfectly slutty!

I probably should've gone with a size smaller than I got, but hey, that means I can eat more and still fit into it! Super cute, and super coverage means I'm super happy!


  1. How great is that! When you first posted this all I could think about was Bailey's rant on Grey's Anatomy about refusing to have her "area" waxed (it was hilarious). I don't know if you watch that. Of course, it wasn't really an option for you, but I could kinda sorta see you having the same sort of meltdown about the whole thing before consenting because you had to do it. And, now, it has turned out that you don't have to do it after all. Bailey is a pretty tough cookie (for the record) and so are you. So, that was a good comparison if you don't watch the show:-)

  2. Cute. I think you're gonna look hot!

  3. I'm glad your guy said it and I just have to agree!

  4. You're such a hottie. Love it!


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