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Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Walk Like a Model

I'm a hair model. Did you know that? And when my sweet, Love of My Life gloated into the phone to his mother that he was dating a model, I had sternly corrected him. "HAIR model!"

Hair models can be under 5'8. We can be a size 6 (two sizes away from plus in the modeling world!). We can look like we went to college and got our Masters (ie OLD).

When I go to hair auditions, I am the "fat" Hobbit. I'm okay with this. It's fun to be in a room with other women who have the same size feet as I do and talk shoes. I strain my neck from talking to them, but still, shoes in a 9.5 are hard to find! I gets me some good insider information on where to buy heels.

Today's hair call was for blonds and redheads. They only needed one each. They picked their redhead and the rest of us were sent packing until another Master Colorist asked us all to stay so that she could go over our hair for another show she was doing on a different day. She needed longer hair and those willing to go brunette. Well, my hair is only to my shoulders so I get up to leave with a few of the other girls, and she says, "Wait! You!" I turn around to see who she would be calling, but she's looking right at me. "Please have a seat and stay." Okay! She talks to a few of the remaining girls and excuses them, one by one until it's just me and two other girls.

"Because it's a runway show, I need to see your walk."

Um... WHAT? I don't do runway! I'm not tall enough! Sure, I've done it, but I don't do it. She has the three of us walk for her.

We all fail. Quite miserably. But instead of saying, "Okay, thank you," she gives us a short tutorial.

You can try this at home:

Find a hallway. Now put your hands on your hips and walk down it like you normally do. Notice your hips don't swing like Jessica Rabbits. Remember not to do this on the runway.

Put on heels. Walk mainly on the balls of your feet. With your hands on your hips, walk while pretty much taking long strides while criss crossing your feet in front of each other. You'll feel a major difference in your hips.

Now put your arms down and do it again. Move your arms as LITTLE as possible. Feel ridiculous. Own it. Then do it in front of someone and hear them coo at how you could totally win America's Next Top Model.

You can also watch this video!

So it's basically down to me or the other girl. We're both under model height, but we might just be doing runway! How crazy. On our way out, the other girl, Katie, told me that she was so happy, that if I got it, she would still be happy because we, the Hobbits, would book a runway gig. I told her I would be especially happy if she got it; because then I wouldn't have to walk!

But, I must practice. And own my feeling silly and know I must look hot doing it. I mean, I wouldn't be on the short list if I looked the fool, right?

Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm curious, how tall are you? Are you referring to yourself as a Hobbit in comparison to these models, or are you shorter than average height?

  2. I'm usually one of the shortest girls in the room at these calls at 5'6. Some of these hair shows include a runway, and the minimum height required for females is 5'9.

  3. I've got size 10 feet too, so I feel ya! And I just got back from the Sunday audition. I was one of the last three left in the room and got booted out after she made us runway walk...OH how I was not prepared! I can NOT runway walk, a fact I faced lonnng ago. Lordy lordy -- I hope you get it! And I hope my next audition doesn't require artful walking!

  4. Don't worry SW, a lot of them don't involve runway. This one just happened to. And I just got the call that I'm released from avail. Awesome! Now I don't have to buy shoes to match their wardrobe or go down the runway with the worst walk ever! :D

  5. I know how you girls feel, my feet are size 11.5 and it is impossible to find shoes my size. I always have to wear 9.5s becaus i can't find any and my feet always hurt.


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