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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Now, I understand the title of this post might leave some of my eastern readers angry, as it's like 20 degrees outside, but here in LA, it's 78 degrees right now (international readers: the weather is perfect for sleevless tops and skirts and flip flops). After a week of rain (which is tortuous to Angelenos) the sun finally came out and said, hiya! Throw those umbrellas away! I'm back!

So it feels like Spring. In the middle of February. And I said, you know what? It really is time I cleaned all our camping gear from last September. It really is time for me to have Antne put those shelves up. It really is time for us to get our apartment organized and put together!

The problem with our living situation is that I only have short organizational bursts and occasional cleaning fancies, while Antne has none of those.

I lived alone and cleaned up the occasional mess I made (why dirty a plate when I can eat over the sink!) while Antne had a Sicilian mother who, bless her, DID EVERYTHING FOR HIM. (In fact, when we visit her, she will take our dirty laundry and wash and fold it. Including my gigantic lady underwear. We don't ask her to do this. We just wake up and it's already done.) So Antne, although he swears he has a system in place, will just wait for his mother to clean up our apartment.

She doesn't live here.

I do.

And like I said, I only have short occasional desires to get this place ship shape.

On our (my) list for the next few days:
-Put our shelves from 3 years ago up.
-Organize the paper shelving unit behind Antne's desk. (He being an artist means he has a ton of different papers including double sided matte, photo, cover stock, plain, and huge 17x9 cardboard stock)
-Put things that should be away, away.
- Hang up the art we have around here.
-Try and understand the 2010 Business Tax Renewal form. Mail that.
- Trim my Blindsided clip even more and send to my agent for approval on breakdowns upload.
-Make Antne go to the DMV to take care of that thing.
-Take off my old car registration stickers on my license plate and affix the new one.
- Hang more hooks on the wall.

Whew! Taking a look at all those things makes me not want to do any of it.

What's on tv?!


  1. Hmmm...you're not a perfectionist like me, by any chance, are you? A perfectionist who hates to get started on things that can't be finished perfectly, so never starts at all?

    Yeah, I didn't think so.

  2. Girl, I hear ya! I have a strangely similar list, but mine includes packing to move and learning how to do my own taxes! I'm one of the unlucky east-coasters, so my sudden cleaning impetus is brought on by cabin fever. Good luck!

  3. hey! business tax renewal can be done online! (i haven't done mine yet either... so dont feel bad)

  4. If the acting thing doesn't work out, the writing thing might! If you're wondering how I landed in your space, I was scrolling through Tracy's favorite blogging friends and voila! I couldn't decide which post to comment on because they are all hilarious. However, as I look around my room at clean clothes that cover the side of the bed that I don't sleep in and CDs that are stacked up because I haven't found racks to put them in and bills that need to be filed.... well, you can see that we have something in common:-) Whenever that urge to clean comes over me I must act on it immediately because it burns out in about an hour and then... well, who knows when it will be back?

    Keep doing what you're doing here. It's wonderful!


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