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Sunday, October 18, 2009

If You Can't Afford to Rent a Casting Studio for $15/hour

Then you can't afford me. I mean, I know the economy has gone to pot, but it's just unsafe and unwise to audition for anything anywhere other than a casting studio or theatre. But hey, A+ for trying. I wish your project lots of success.
Project: Gorgeous on Sunset
Casting Director: Jay Ellis
Submitted Headshot FLOOR DIRECTOR

Twenties or Early Thirties, normal height and weight, sexy and charismatic, natural acting style, some fashion industry knowledge and enthusiasm helpful, entertainment business savvy and highly motivated to succeed. Either gender and all ethnicities welcome.

Thank you for your submission to Gorgeous On Sunset. You are part of a small group of finalists from a field of over 1,000 submissions. Your audition will be held at Taix French Restaurant in Echo Park, at 1911 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026. The nearest major intersection is Glendale Blvd.
Parking –
Please park on the nearby small streets north of the Restaurant to avoid Valet Parking Fees - on Reservoir Street or probably better on Liberty Street. It’s about a 200’ walk away.
and Waiting –
Once inside the restaurant, please sign in and wait to be called in a small area on the other side of a brick partition wall near the reception area. This small area has several seats at tables. The area is recognizable because it has a small fireplace and a circular ceiling light fixture.
Your Turn –
We realize your schedule may be tight. With very few exceptions, you will be auditioned in the order that you arrive, except in some instances where time slots are precisely arranged. We will keep order in the process to minimize your wait. IMPORTANT NOTICE –Re Floor Director Role Actors = Priority will be given to those actors who have affirmed their interest in the Real Expanded Production Position.
Complimentary Beverage and Food Service, Plus Meal Discounts –
We will provide complimentary coffee and some food for your enjoyment while you wait. For those of you who wish to dine at Taix French Restaurant, you will find the menu is superb and the pricing is surprisingly affordable. Furthermore, we will pay you five dollars cash toward your check for amounts over $10, and ten dollars cash for amounts over $20.
Short Notice -
We apologize for any inconvenience in the event this audition scheduling is short notice for you. Actually, our schedule is quite open, so please Cmail us to request a change in your time, and even if you cannot reach us, please arrive at a later time. We will sign you in and audition you as soon as possible.
No Sides Needed –
No sides are needed because the Host and Floor Director roles will be improvised at the audition in keeping with the partly unscripted nature of our show’s main content, which will consist of interviewing fashion designers. Basically, you’ll be auditioned in pairs and take turn interviewing each other. Guests will appear on the show and talk about the fashion they and their models are wearing. Floor Directors will improvise directing crew and hosts. We’ll get a clear idea of your talents from this format.
Attire –
Don’t worry a bit about wearing “fashion” to this audition. If you want to dress up, please do, but we’re going to be impressed with your talent, not your wardrobe. Let’s have fun. Let’s Make History! Thanks!!



  1. WOW. Because nothing says "professional audition" like "For those of you who wish to dine at Taix French Restaurant, you will find the menu is superb and the pricing is surprisingly affordable."

    Would you like fries with that?

  2. ugh, I can't tell if this is a legit audition or just a way to bring in more customers.

    sketchy, sketchy, sketchy.

  3. I absolutely love the look of your page...it's my favorite I've seen so far on blogger. Beautiful


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