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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shoppy Shoppy!

I love to go shopping! Except during Christmas, of course. Oh god! I HATE crowds. I never go to the malls on the weekend. There's just too many people.

Once I went shopping with Antne's mom, and SHE is a shopper! That lady is amazing. She knows tricks! For instance, we were at Bed Bath & Beyond once and she saw what could only be described as a 2 egg frying pan. This thing was TINY. So she points at it and says, in a heavy Sicilian accent, "So Cu!" Which is her way of saying "So Cute!" I'm next to her and agree, it's so cu. But we don't need it. And she is on a mission to buy us stuff for our apartment. She grabs two of them. And THAT'S WHERE SHE WAS BRILLIANT! Because if she had only grabbed one pan, I would've said, "Oh, Mama, no, we don't need it," but since she grabbed two, I had to tell her that we didn't need two, we'd only need one. BRILLIANT! FREAKIN BRILLIANT!

I hope to one day be a shopping pro like her.

Anyways, I've been really admiring the new season stuff lately. It's been super cold here in the valley, like 68 degrees, so I've been coveting coats and boots and things.

You want two of any of these?

Isn't this coat awesome? It's got 3/4 length sleeves so your arms peek out. Wear your leather gloves! Fancy!

I love how it flares out at the hip.

Oooh! Vintage inspired swimsuits! In Gold! And sure, at 68 degrees, it's too cold to go swimming, but I could hold onto this for the four months until it's warm again.

I've been noticing a lot of shoes this season are accentuating the back of your foot's heel. There's a lot of fringe, or ruffles or whatever. I think it's lovely!

This cute little sweater reminds me of the sweaters I'd wear growing up in Northern California, where it does actually get cold. And the 3/4 sleeves (I love full sleeves just shy of a quarter, apparently) and the ribbing on the waist help accentuate that you're not a kid anymore.

BOOTS! Oh gosh, how I love boots. Trendy boots that will only be good for one season boots! So sexy. I'd love to walk into an audition wearing these and randomly side kick an evil doer. And since most auditions are in LA and people who live there no longer have souls, that could be anyone!

A simple cuff bracelet adds a lot of intrigue and glamour to the basic tank top that I am famous for wearing. It's like, oh look, another hum drum wanna be struggling actress in a tank top - but wait - she's got a cuff bracelet! Oh man! That girl is gonna BE SOMEBODY!

It's hard to find good hair accessories that don't immediately get lost in my tresses. My hair tends to bulk and curl around any hair pin or clip, practically devouring it for sustenance because I only shampoo my hair 2 a week. Purple was last year's fall color and it's back, which I don't mind. It's my favorite color! This is pretty. I like.

I bought my measuring cups from Pic N Save yeeeeears ago and could really use an adorable upgrade. Nesting measuring cups! And I'd sharpie them up so they stand out. Adorable. In fact, I might even buy a second set of these just to keep my jewelry in. Thanks for the idea, Mama Nina! Grazie Grazie Grazie!


  1. all of this stuff, so freakin' cute. I can tell that when the temp drops to a brisk 68 degrees, you get in a nesting mood.

    I'm out of town until Sunday night. Then you and our boys are hanging out SOON, or I'm kidnapping your mice.

    I'm not kidding. I will hold them hostage for as long as it takes. And I will dangle them over Mocha's waiting mouth.

  2. "I'd love to walk into an audition wearing these and randomly side kick an evil doer. And since most auditions are in LA and people who live there no longer have souls, that could be anyone!"

    I couldn't agree more. And I've been so excited about the semi-cold mornings, that I actually busted out boots last night. Take THAT, stupid valley of no seasons!!!

  3. Phoenix: When you're back, YES! Nerd Get Together!

    Eeeno: Seriously. I write letters to my grandma in PA and we both talk about the weather a lot; for her, how it's so cold in December that she has to go on walks in her basement, and me, how I'm wearing flip-flops in December and what the heck is a basement?

  4. Girl you are rocking style for fall!! Come be my stylist


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