"The label you give yourself cannot impact external forces that are not motivated by your own psychology or influenced by a third party's pre-existing consciousness of you. We are all presented with reasons to struggle which come from completely external forces; to pretend that one is not struggling is either arrogance or an admission of defeat. To admit that one is struggling is a sign and a source of strength." - Evan A. Baker

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Are You Kidding?

After reading aaaaaaaall of the below, I find that I will not be paid but have to pay the production company $20 to be a part of their pilot because they can't be sure the people they choose won't screw them in the end. So... No thanks! But best of luck to ya'll.

Coming To Hollywood



You have been selected for the second phase of the Coming2Hollywood Show.
a NEW concept reality show, that follows bright NEW talent as they take their careers into their own hands! Coming 2 Hollywood is the show that builds a following of millions for people who are ready to succeed and will not be stopped. Do YOU have what it takes to make it on Coming 2 Hollywood? The first step in finding out is how you answer this questionnaire. We want to know how you think. This is an easy questionnaire for you to fill out and return. We want to know more about you. Why you want to be on this show.

Watch our first show open sequence now at www.youtube.com/coming2hollywood

****** Copy and paste this questionnaire into your reply and
put your answers in the space after the question.
Please answer these questions as honestly as possible.
We are looking for 14 uniquely talented "Stars" to follow on their rise to Fame.
There are no wrong answers here, so please be as open as you can and show us your personality.

*NOTE* If you are selected for an audition you WILL be on the show.

Coming 2 Hollywood Questionnaire.

1. Do you stand out in a crowd?
2. Have you been on camera professionally?
3. What is your most impressive talent?
4. Do you have a unique image?
5. How much time do you spend a week working on your entertainment career?
6. What things do you do to promote your own career?
7. Are you comfortable being the center of attention?
8. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
9. Why do you want to be famous?
10. Have you won awards for your talent? If so, what are they?
11. What inspired you to come to follow the Hollywood dream?
12. What is the weirdest performing situation you have ever been in? Details please.
13. What ongoing training are you doing now? How does it help you? or not?
14. What are your limitations? What are you not willing to do on camera and for fame? Tell the truth. We are looking for real people.
15. How far can you go? What are you willing to do on camera for fame?
16. Why are you the right kind of person for this show?
17. Cast are required to go to at least one industry party/function during the pilot taping period. Are you able to attend? What kind of persona will you take on? Are you the talkative one, shy wall flower, life of the party? The drinker? The Nun?
18. What makes you think you are really ready for fame? Be candid here.
19. We will be going global with this show and need quality people who are ready for it.
Once you audition your career will start being followed by the production. Does having paparazzi at your doorstep scare you? If so Why?

20. Our production team will be filming you but there will be times when access to your personal life will be limited, for this reason we will need you to carry a camera from time to time and tape yourself in your home, trying on a new outfit. Cooking. Whatever it is that you do when you are alone that you want your fans to see.
Are you willing to let fans see you in personal moments?

The stars of the show will have their rise to fame documented, whether it be going to an audition, getting a new look, or taking an acting class.


C2H follows your rise to fame from the first moment you meet us. Parts of your audition will appear in our show. If you are selected for an audition, You will already be on the show. So don’t audition if you are not O.K. with that.

This audition process is the first step in finding out your level of commitment to your career.

This step is to document you so the public can see you begin your rise from the moment you were discovered to your ultimate fame. This is why we only want people who want to go to the top.
Our fans want to watch you rise. They want to feel that they were the ones to discover this new talent. They want to vote you onward and upward.

For the audition, we need you to come in and showcase your talent. Do your best performance. Best monologue. Best song, best baton twirl, best Mime act. Show your best self. You will then have a formal sit down interview with our producers. Tell us on camera, about your incredible talent and why you came to Hollywood. We are shooting you in a professional video studio in front of a green screen. So if you get selected for an audition, Please do not wear Green!!

We will take the footage and edit it down with Hollywood Locations behind you and special effects put in by our special effects department. We will give you the edited DVD and want you to put it on your personal myspace page or equivalent so Comming2Hollywood can befriend you and create this interconnected world with you and the other stars of the show.

You need to pay $20 to cover the administration and the editing of your DVD. Its peanuts because editing is a minimum of 25$ per hour, however that is the productions cost to bear. The reason you are paying $20 is because we need to know that you are not going to waste all of our time filming you, interviewing you and promoting you as being on our show and then you just run off with the DVD and we never see you again.
Just getting the DVD is worth the bucks any way so if you don’t follow through with the show, we wish you all the luck and you have a cool, flashy, video you can show to your friends and agents.
We want you to put your reel up everywhere you want to promote yourself IE: your myspace page, and to link to your profile that we make for you and any other site the show might take.
-You get to use this as a free reel which would normally cost you 100$+
- You are investing your time and $20 into your career. Its not a lot of money sure, but the time you put in will return to you many times over in publicity and much needed exposure. So it is well worth it.

See the show open sequence now at www.youtube.com/coming2hollywood

This is a reality show virtual pilot. There is no pay for the pilot. However we are doing a 10 episode pilot. Where we require 10-12 minutes of edited footage from each artist. We have a team of qualified editors to edit your footage down. We will take the best moments from your life and combine it with our music and effects.

So as it happens, Fame comes before Fortune. After the pilot 10 episodes are launched talent will be able to negotiate pay for future full length episodes, based on level of participation in the show. We will be basing the pay for talent on the AFTRA internet series agreement. When it gets to television we will follow the normal AFTRA rates for series regular in an episodic.

Coming2Hollywood will be the first reality show of its kind. It will be everywhere digital media is seen. Therefore you will be global. Where everyday people can follow your rise to fame.

Immediate release
This is why we need the right type of person. Fame is not for everyone. Everyone cannot handle a camera being poked in their faces while they eat sushi, or being asked how do you feel when your pants split up the back in public.
There will be a mixer event you need to attend. To meet the other stars and trade stories on camera.
When you are filming yourself, get up in the morning and tell us how you feel. Your fans want to know. You may feel like crap, but that’s what makes it interesting. The more interesting you are the better. Because it is your fans who are going to keep you on the show.

Please answer these Additional Questions

Are you the type of person who
A. Believes their bad morning breath should be documented?
B. Believes that if the world can only see them that it will revolve better?
C. Absolutely crave fame?
D. Will you pay the $20 admin fee for your video performance reel?
E. Will you commit to uploading your own video to your myspace page or equivalent and adding Coming2Hollywood as friends?
F. Will you attend at least one industry party and one scheduled mixer event?
G. Are you willing to sign a pre-release to commit to the show once it gets picked up on TV? (we don’t want to lose the people we have put all of this effort into following)
H. Will you promise to be as interesting as possible and allow yourself to be filmed even when you are In a bad mood? (especially when you are in a bad mood)

Please return this questionnaire and someone will get back to you once they have reviewed your answers. If you sound interesting, Casting will send you audition info including address dates and times.


Play nice.