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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Kinda Stuff Only Happens in the Movies

First off, I hate going to the gym. I don't like to sweat, and I don't like to be around sweaty people, but I make myself go and even half-ass it sometimes, because half an ass is better than none, especially if you're Sir Mix-a-Lot.
My gym has recently installed two flatscreen music video televisions, and every once in a while, "Pocketful of Sunshine," by Natasha Bedingfield comes on, and I always think it's really funny. I'm like, oh look! There I am! Oooh! There's my hand! Oh, there I am again!
I'm serious, check it out I'm at :08, 2:16, 2:21, and 2:24. I'm basically glorified background; when I auditioned (yes, I auditioned for that) the pay rate was quoted at $200, and then when they called me up booking me, they told me that it was now only $150. Bastards. And then I find out I'm hardly in the thing. I think too much was going on. You've got her at work, then dancing, then a grafitti artist, then a kid whose parents fight, and then her all calm on a lotus rising up into the sky. And that poor kid! He somehow made the jump onto that landing, and then she sings, "I'm awesome, I'm zen, I'm leaving troubled kids behind!" Why doesn't she take him with her!? And the food on that set. Quelle Disapointment! Craft service was a joke.
Completely the opposite for the Elton John "Heart of Every Girl" video I did several years ago. I played the guitar. And they gave me Veronica Lake hair! Interesting fun facts: The food was incredible! We were not allowed to speak to Elton John unless spoken to. He read the song lyrics off cue cards.
You can watch it if you want. I'm in quick flashes throughout. Yeah, go ahead. Go nuts.

Now, the really weird thing that only happens in movies:

I had submitted for a director's reel - a project that a director puts together to show what type of work he's capable of. When the producer called me up for a time slot, I was unavailable due to my best friend's nuptuals. Two days later, she calls me again. (the same day I dropped my manager) She said that the director really wanted to meet with me. That I had the look he was going for, that he was impressed with my resume (it's really not at all that impressive, but thanks!) and that he saw my reel and could see exactly what he needed from me on there.
Would I mind meeting with him?

Uhm...no! I wouldn't mind at all!

So tonight I'm going to be meeting him in the alley behind an empty warehouse downtown.

Oh, I kid, I kid.

Last night, I called up the producer and said, okay, I'm flattered, I truly am, but what gives? And she said that she was recommended to work with him by a friend she really trusts, that they've been working together for the last few months prepping for this shoot, and that he's married, with a kid, and totally nice. That he's an animator who's worked on some big movies and has some great connections, but when he mentions that he'd like to direct, everyone always asks to see his reel. Which is where I would come in. Sort of. She said just meeting with him doesn't guarantee me the role (which, whew! Thank god! This means they're business people and not really creepy.) but he doesn't want to miss out on meeting someone he thinks is perfect for his short film reel.

So I have a meeting with this guy (she warned me ahead of time that she's going to most likely be late if she can make it at all, and understood if I didn't want to even go) at 8pm at a CPK where there are tons of witnesses and video camera surveillance.

It's incredibly flattering to be wanted. I'll report back tomorrow with all the deets.


  1. so you to the gym and work out to... yourself on the screen.

    Stop being in all the awesome music videos, Lira!!

  2. Also: you look gorgeous in that video, and now I want to watch "Mona Lisa Smile" again. :)


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