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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everybody Does It

I'm going over the contract from the manager I met with last week. and I've got a hair modeling gig on August 10 in Santa Monica, and all I can think about is.... Blond.

Every woman should go blond at least once in their life, right? Shakira did it, Madonna did it and does it now, Scarlett Johanssen did it, Lindsay Lohan did it, Jessica Simpson does it, I mean, come on! I want to be blond!

Blonds have more fun! Blonds can wear blue eyeshadow!

My sister grew up blond!

Oh the itch to go blond has really struck me for some reason. Why? Cause it's summer and it's hot and my birthday's coming up and I want a change? Is it because I am happy with my hair length and want to grow it out more, so I can't hack it off like I wanted to just last night, so going another color I've never been seems like the only logical choice?

And I'm so pale, so many people have said I'd look terrible as a blond, but I had to wear a blond wig for a Dixie Chicks tribute song (Ready to Run, bitches!) and I swear I was more harassed once I put that darn wig on. And struggling actresses LOVE attention.

Is it because almost every gosh darn breakdown out there is looking for a BLOND?! Is it because Patty Roberts went back to her blond natural color and now I'm hankering for it too? Is going blond infectious?

I'm bored, I think. I want a drastic change.

Plus, if I went blond, and then red, I could go a very nice strawberry blond. Just ask Ashley. She's in the coloring biz world. In fact, maybe I should just ask her!



  1. HMMMMM!!! Blond? I love being a blond, don't get me wrong, but it does take some leg work to get there. First off, who's doing it for you? What color are they using? If you do let them make you a blond, tell them you need them to use the lowest possible developer possible (I'm talking 20 volume max! Throwing around hair color talk will also let them know you mean business!) Otherwise, they're gonna lift you too hard, too fast, and then you're hair will end up like straw. (Curly hair lacks moisture, so it's already dry). If they take their time, and let you process for an hour or more, you will be able to get the lift you desire, without the damage.

    Aside from that, I think you'd be a beautiful blond! I too am really pale, and love being a blond. You can totally pull it off, just make sure they take care of your gorgeous locks!

  2. I too think you would make a lovely blonde. BUT I'm going to be honest. I love your hair the way it is. I think the contrast to your skin really brings out your eyes and facial structure. But then again, if you need a change and your itching to do it I say go for it. And who knows? Maybe you'll get more work. You won't know unless you try. I say you can't lose either way!

  3. I love your dark, rich, brunette color, and us blonds secretly think about becoming brunettes so we can get called in for all the Emo roles.

    I want to be Zooey Deschanel. You look a lot more like her than I ever will.

  4. Just remember, if you want to be the blond in your photo, you have to be lifted about 6 level... which is a lot!!! So, make sure they are going to take care of my Lira!!


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