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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oooh! An Audition!

Self submitted, of course.

It's for a web-series that has a cameo by Sean Young. Fun, right? I am auditioning for the role of Heather:
Ingénue Leading Lady. Early 20s a European beauty She used to be in a Dramatic reality show like "The Hills" until she crashed and burned. She is the eternal optimist and is making her comeback with her own reality show. During her hiatus, she went back to her roots of Fashion Design World. Heather Returns to designing a line of clothing embracing "recession chic." Cool, sexy, eco friendly clothes. That is affordable to everyone. She's funny, honest, charming, inspiring and imaginative. Extremely attractive, consider to be a looker who is full of quirkiness. We are SEEKING: a strong young actress, who can launch a New Series, via this Pilot. Good-Credits-Great Looks-Good in COMEDY!. Think: Young Kate Winslett, Jessica Alba, (Pretty) Ellen Page, Katie Holmes, Angeline Jolie. LEAD
Two things about the description make me nervous: 1) Early 20s. and 2) I don't like it when they put down a laundry list of actresses they're looking for. What it really means is that they don't really know what they want, but they'll know it when they see it. What does that mean? Well, to get all 2002, it means you gotta go balls out.

The sides are a bit tricky as they want me to break the flow of the scene to say the Voice Over lines that has the character commenting on what is going on in the current scene. Do you follow that? It goes something like this:

Current real time scene- Future commentary- Current real time scene.

It makes it extremely difficult to go from the present to the future to the present while trying to react to what the person is saying while they're saying it and commenting about it from the future. It's all so existential! I mean, yeeesh. I got a degree in pretend, not time travel!

I also get to say half my lines to the camera directly, a la the Office confessionals.

So I'm just gonna go, try and figure out what the early 20 somethings wear nowadays, and go balls out. The audition is Tuesday. Oh, and I should probably watch an episode of The Hills for research. Jealous?

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  1. DUDE! I think I was supposed to go to this audition but Cmail never sent me a notice, so I didn't go because I didn't...know. This totally turned into a Dr. Seuss comment, but...text me the name of the casting director and I'll have a good laugh if it was the same audition. And then let me know how it went, baby.


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