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Friday, March 20, 2009

You Gotta Hand It To This Agency

I've been told by many people how beautiful my hands are. Even Screech once complimented them, stroking my fingers, asking if I played piano. Yeah, Dustin Diamond. He's got no game.

And when so many people say, hey, you should be a hand model, I thought, yeah! I should be! So I did my research. There is ONE body parts modeling agency in Los Angeles. And if you're thinking to yourself, what type of work is there for a hand model? I'll tell you: Tons. How many commercials like these have you seen in the last few years?

But it's not just hand modeling jobs that are popular, there are models that work using their feet, eyes, lips, hair, backside, and even their butt, to help promote product.

But how do you even get started, you ask? There's an open call! Body Parts Model Agency has an open call EVERY FIRST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH between 10am - 12pm

They prefer SAG models, but will take a few non-union people every once in a while.

Make your money folks! I wish you luck!

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